Down by the Water

"So knock me down, tear me up, but I would bear it all broken just to fill my cup." - The Decemberists

Well, I made it back home. My morning was filled with getting the house back in order and unpacking from my trip. I relaxed some this afternoon and then we went out for a photo shoot. After I got back home, I had a few minutes to upload the pictures and then we went out for dinner. I had a margarita, and I think all it managed to do is make me sleepy. I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.

It was a cloudy, overcast day, so the sun wasn't a problem for the photo shoot this time. Also, there was no wind. Thank you Mother Nature! There were alot of knats, though. Swarms of them! I decided to go back to the old bridge on my dad's land. I ventured a little further around the bridge near the water this time. It was tricky getting down under the bridge. I was pretty paranoid that I was going to fall in. My husband said he was going to laugh at me if I did. Luckily, for me and him, I didn't. LOL!

Yes, I'm wearing that green top I said I was going to wait to get. I decided that I had to have it, so I swung by Anthro one last time before I left yesterday and picked it up. I just love this tee. The husband said he really loved what it was doing on my curves. LOL! I mixed the new with the old in this outfit. I got this jacket from Anthro several years ago. The 50 degree temperatures are perfect for little jackets like this one.

Today's song is "Down by the Water" by The Decemberists. This was the obvious choice given today's photos. I really love The Decemberists' new album. I was skeptical when they said it was going to be their "country album." I'm not a big fan of country music, but I can get into this kind of country. Gillian Welch contributes on some of the songs, and I've been a big fan of hers for years.

That margarita is really making me worthless right now. I think I'm going to call it a day. {Yawn} Good night!













Tank: Anthropologie The Gathering Tank

Jacket: Anthropologie 2005

Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. Love the top! It does look great on you (hubby is right:)! The color and the details are really nice.

  2. That top is FABULOUS on you! It's such a great color for you, too.

  3. That top is really pretty! love the detailing.

  4. Down by the water just makes me think of PJ Harvey

  5. The top looks really good on you, and the color fits you perfectly. Nice song today! :)

  6. Ohhhh! Beautiful top, Bonnie! As usual, you have tempted me to get this:)

    The pink version looks really sweet online, did you see it in store? How do you find it?

    Oh, and can you take some new pictures of you in the Ready for Spring Dress? I am also tempted to buy this dress!

    My wallet is really blaming you for looking so good in all these Anthro stuff!

  7. You were right to be drawn to that is beautiful on you! Looks like a very similar color to the Spring-Ready dress you bought. It must be your color! Glad you had safe travels on your trip back home!

  8. kristin: Thanks! I must admit, I'm a little self-conscious about how it emphasizes "the girls", but its too pretty of a top to let that stop me.

    Chrissy: Thanks! It's my favorite color!

    Becca: Thanks! Me too!

    Dawn: I haven't heard PJ Harvey. I will have to check it out.

    Amber: Thanks! I'm glad you like the song!

    Miin: Thanks! I saw the pink version in the store and I really liked it. I thought about going with that color, but I just couldn't pass up the green. It is really warm here right now - 80's! So, I plan on wearing the Ready For Spring dress to work tomorrow. So, get ready for some more pictures.

    AppGal: Thank you! It is a similar color but it's not as dark as the Ready for Spring. What can I say? I love green!

  9. the top..I'm tempted to go and get one!(I tried the gray recently..but loving the green)
    I love your Paige's too...what color brown are they? I'm after some brown one's :-)


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