New Year's Bloggin Eve Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in my little photo contest! It was truly a pleasure reading about your resolutions and getting to know each of you better! Looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a very fun and fashionable year!

First up is Louise. Louise says she doesn't make New Years resolutions but her goal for 2011 is to (start and) finish her first marathon, in Brighton, April 2011. She wore her Sugar and Cream dress - it is her favourite because of what it represents; her first Anthro purchase and finding all the Anthro blogs which she has had so much fun reading and commenting on this year!!

Blog: http:\\


Next up is Lisa. Lisa is a mother of 2 who doesn't let being a busy mother stop her from looking and feeling good in Anthro. Her resolution is to be more "green" in every aspect of her life. In keeping with her green theme, her favorite purchase this year was the lovely Emerald Isle Coat from Anthropologie.



Next up is a fellow North Carolinian, Christy (aka AppGal). Her resolution is to be more positive and less critical of everything. 2010 has been a rough year for her for many reasons, but she wants to move on and hope for better things in the future. In the new year, she wants to try to think positive as much as possible. Her favorite purchase this year was her birthday present to herself, the Homegrown dress from Anthropologie. It represents positive energy. Every time she wears it, she feels happy, and it always elicits comments from others, meaning the positivity spreads! This dress will hopefully serve as a reminder in the upcoming year to always think happy thoughts and be positive.



Next is Tracy. Tracy was planning to wear this lovely outfit on New Year's Eve. It includes some of her favorite purchases from 2010 and a couple of oldie but goodies from long ago. One of her resolutions is to work her closet by wearing what she already has and only adding clothes to her wardrobe if she absolutely loves/needs them. She says she is a total sale shopper, so it will be tough for her! Tracy, I can definitely relate to this resolution!

What Tracy is wearing:
Lace Top - Charlotte Russe (New in 2010)
Field Game Cardi - Anthro (New in 2010)
White Coat - Theory (oldie)
Velvet Pants (so cozy!) - Banana Republic (New in 2010)
Booties - Anthro (oldie)
Liquid Facets Necklace - Anthro (New in 2010)


Next is Karen. Karen sent me 2 pictures. The first picture she is wearing one of her favorite dresses printed all over with dogs. The picture is very special to her because her Schnauzer boy Tango died this year. :-( The 2nd picture she is wearing wool shorts with brass buttons that she finds very playful and fun. She paired them with a chiffon, ruffled shell and a gold open front sweater. Aww, Karen, I'm so sorry about your precious dog. Hopefully, 2011 will be a great year of positive events and healing for you!

me, tango, sachi 1

Project style 3

Next up is my Anthro partner in crime in real life, Nassim. Take it from me, Nassim is a very talented photographer. She says she has been in a funk this past year and hasn't taken as many photos as she would have liked. Photography makes her heart happy, so her resolution is to take more photos in the coming year. She is wearing the Whipped Woolens Cardigan (which to her surprise she has worn multiple times) the Jacinth Sweater Dress, Frye boots (her all time favorite purchase), a belt thrifted from goodwill, and a necklace from treeandkimball.

nassim 12-30-10

Next is Natasha. She found this dress earlier in the year for $39.95, but she only got around to wearing it a couple of months ago. She didn't have anywhere to wear it until recently. She wore it to a offfice dinner banquet, but it was a little tight. Her resolution is to lose at least 10lbs after the holidays. I think she looks fabulous in it! Doesn't look tight to me!

Dress: Anthropologie Optical Illusion Dress
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Banana Republic Platform Peeptoes

My New Years Resolutions

Next is the amazing Jamie. Jamie's resolution is to approach life with a more free-spirited outlook and to attempt to rediscover childhood joys of her past. To represent this resolution, she enlisted the help of a free-spirited friend from her childhood -- the family pet, "Sunny." She said she had the brief idea to shoot these photos outdoors to take advantage of the sunlight, but she decided that the great outdoors might encourage Sunny to be a little too free-spirited, haha (he's rather good at flying). In keeping with the theme of her resolution, she chose a top with bird appliques. In this photo, Sunny had gotten tired of posing and was just about to take flight (hence the flutter of wings).


ThriftyThreads_ST Fashionista entry

Next up is the ambitious Ria. Ria is starting law school next fall and first year grades determine...well, a lot. They determine whether she will get an internship in the summer, which will determine whether she will get an offer to come back the summer of her second year, which will determine whether she gets a job after she graduates in the third year, which will determine how much she can shop at Anthro! So next semester she is going to tack this photo somewhere in her new little apartment to remind her that hard work will pay off, and she will only reward herself with Anthro treats if she makes good grades! Good Luck Ria!

Ria is wearing her favorite purchases from this year:

Shirt: Loosely Looped tee, Anthro
Cardigan: New York and Co.
Skirt: Peppered and Striped skirt, Anthro
Tights: Pointelle tights, Anthro
Shoes: Glad Rags T-straps, Anthro
Necklace: Zodiac Heirloom necklace, Anthro

New years 001

Next up is Jen. Jen lives in Australia. How cool is that? Jen's favorite purchase was the Mullany dress, but she decided to post her favorite combo of the year instead. She looks fantastic as usual!

Jen is wearing:

Top: Chilled Ripples Shell (Anthro)
Cardi: Bardot Australia
Skirt: Mirabell (Anthro)
Stockings: Leona Edmiston Australia
Shoes: Marks and Spencer Uk



Next is Ajitha. What a trooper! Ajitha went out and posed in this beautiful dress in the freezing cold of Seattle. She even went to the grocery store too! She's the best dressed person I've ever seen at the grocery store! Her resolution is: Eat Healthy, Workout Daily! She is wearing her favorite purchase of the year, the Moulinette Soeurs Stilled Night Dress. This purchase was all the sweeter because she got it for a very good deal on Tag Sale Day!


Eat Healthy.. Workout Daily...

Next up is Sara. Isn't she just the cutest thing you ever saw on a workout bike? One of Sara's many resolutions for next year is to get her butt down to the gym! She always starts off the year well and motivated and then always seems to fall off the wagon after a few months. She's hoping next year is different! Sara, you look fantastic and in great shape! So, don't stress too much about getting to the gym! She is wearing a couple of her favorite purchases from this year, the Mullany Dress and the Breezy Polkas Cardigan.



Next up is Swati. This picture Swati sent me is just gorgeous! Swati says she is extremely curious by nature and always on the hunt for a new place to explore since it is a extremely soul satisfying task for her. Exploration took a backseat during 2010, so one of her New Year resolutions is to explore more such places. This is a picture of her exploring a farm in the middle of Silicon Valley! Apparently there was a "No trespassing " sign! LOL! Swati, your my kind of girl! She is wearing all of her favorite things together in this picture, including the Drifting By Dress.



Next up is Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she is reaching into the recent past by FINALLY taking the tags off this pretty Anthro rosette belt. She's had this belt for two years now without wearing it. One of her fashion resolutions is to accessorize. She just never seems to go that extra mile with accessories. Once the clothes are coordinated, she's out the door without much thought about belts, pins, scarves,etc. In this picture she reached into the past to wear an unworn accessory in hopes of making this a new habit going into the new year. Elizabeth, I'm glad to see you are finally wearing this gorgeous belt! I love how you styled it! I also love how you really incorporated the theme of this contest into your New Year's resolution. Bravo!

Elizabeth is wearing:
Anthro High Tea Blouse
Target Merona Black cardigan
Anthro Rosette Belt
JCrew Matchstick cords
LouisVuitton Suhali Clutch
Steve Madden Intyce boots


Next is Cristy. She is a full time working mom of 2 boys and plans to make the year of 2011 full of happiness for her family and her boys, the sunlight in her day! Aww! What a sweet resolution! Cristy is wearing one of my favorite dresses from 2010, the Easy as Pie Dress.

Cristy is wearing:

Easy as Pie dress
Looping Lanes Belt
Baker Shoes boots
F21 socks
Michele watch


Next up is supermom Peggy. Her resolution is "Be In The Moment"! She wants to be present in all areas of her life. When her children are talking to her she wants to really listen. When they ask her to play a game, no more, "As soon as the laundry is done, etc." She feels if she practices being in the moment, it will help her with all of the other goals she has set for herself like reading her Bible more, staying fit, eating right, and spending less. In her picture, she has tried to represent those little puzzles you see in books where you have to figure out what is being said via pictures! She is literally "in" The Moment! Peggy, you are too cute!

Peggy is wearing:

Dress: Anthro Dagmar
Belt: from a Target dress I have
Flower Coursage: Ross
Tights: Kohls Apt9
Shoes: Target Karmic Vintage Booties



Last, but certainly not least, is Ali. Her resolution is to be more active, hence the ski's, and eat to be healthier (pellegrino). Her favorite dress she purchased in 2010 was this Tracy Reese dress from Anthro. She says it is very comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Her sweater is Nordstrom Bp, and her shoes are by Biviel. What a festive picture! I've never been skiing in my life. I can't believe how long ski's are! LOL!


All the entries were so good! It was soooo hard to pick the winner! I'm still second guessing myself. Ultimately, I decided to go with the picture that I felt incorporated the resolution in the most creative way. So, the winner is:


Ajitha, I loved how your little pictures told a story. I knew exactly what your resolution was without reading it and your dress is just fabulous! You also get points for posing in the freezing cold and making a trip to the grocery store in your Anthro best! I will pick up your Anthro gift card on Monday and mail it out to you. Can you please send me your address information to

Thank you so much to all the participants! I wish you the best of luck with your resolutions throughout the coming year! Happy New Year!



  1. OMG Jus cant belive it...I won it...thanks a ton :) My year has really started so gud....Jus in air

  2. Hi Bonnie!
    thanks for featuring me, although i'm soooo embarrassed for not including my resolution it it..hehe. Sorry!! I will try better next time.
    Gosh, these entries are all stunning - i am so impressed!
    Congrats to Ajithe! Truly well deserved...and i am very jealous :-)
    thank you Bonnie! Btw - did i mention how much i loved YOUR photoshoot? I love it!

  3. Thanks so much Bonnie- this was so much fun! I loved reading everyone's entry! Congrats Ajithe! Good luck to everyone in keeping their resolutions!

  4. Hi Bonnie '

    Wow nice to see everyone's entry and to know about there resolution ...makes me think i shd should have been more creative with my entry :) .... next for sure :) .... and congrats to Ajitha for winning the contest .... a look at her pic and u knwo whats her new year resolution need to read the description :) .... Did i tell that u she is my real life friend :)

  5. Bonnie, thanks for featuring me. And a BIG CONGRATS to Ajitha. Loved all the other entries too and of course yours just blew me away.

  6. All of the photos are great, and congrats to Ajitha!

    Ria, I'm a third-year law student and it sounds like you've already won half the battle by coming in with a dedicated mindset. Make sure to leave time for fun stuff, though...studying for 15 hours a day doesn't mean you'll do better than the person studying for 6 hours a day. It's all about studying smart and learning how to take the essay exams. Good luck!

  7. Congrats to Ajitha for her winning entree!!! And I have to comment on Karens 2 submissions. The picture of Karen w her two pups is soo sweet! Esp now that one of them has passed away, i can understand the importance of that beautiful shot...It looks like a page out of a magazine...
    Bonnie, thank you so much for this fun contest!
    Happy New Years to all of you fantastic stylish ladies!


  8. Bonnie, it was sweet of you to do this and fun to read everyone's story as well as see the lovely outfits. You are such a nice person and I hope the New Year brings many wonderful things for you and your family.


  9. Yikes, I wasn't very creative either! Congrats to Ajitha! I loved looking at everyone's pics...thanks to Bonnie for the opportunity!


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