Folded Momentos

Today has been a trying day. It started at 5am. My little girl has been sick, so she slept with me last night. I woke up to the sounds of her vomiting. I immediately had to jump into action. I stripped the bed and put everything into the wash. Then I gave her a bath. I already had a mountain of laundry to do, so the bed linens just added to it. I had so much cleaning to do, and my little girl, I love her to death, but she followed me around all day talking and asking me questions constantly. It just wore me down. Even the dog has been bad. She has had multiple accidents on the floor today, and she kept chewing up things.

My mom came over briefly, so I took the opportunity (to escape) to take some pictures. I'm wearing a recent purchase from Ebay, the Folded Momentos Tee. My friend, Annie, wore this tee the last time we met up, and after seeing it on her, I had to have it. I've stalked Ebay for a couple of months now, and it finally popped up in a size small for $20. It was down right warm outside today with 100% humidity. Due to the extremely humid conditions, my hair was doing some weird curls. We went back to the abandoned house down the road. I posed by what looked like a fence to me, but my husband said it used to be a place where they would put cows to brand them. We also got some shots in front of a huge, old oak tree.

The kids go back to school tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get them in bed early. I want to lay on the couch and watch one of my favorite movies, Pride and Prejudice. I LOVE the newer version with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFayden. My mom perfers the older BBC version with Colin Firth. It doesn't hold a candle to the newer one in my opinion. The newer version is one of the most beautiful movies scenery-wise I've ever seen. It is very Anthropologie-esque. And don't get me started on Mr. Darcy...Swoon! LOL! It's pathetic, but watching this movie is about as close as I get to any romance in my life. Have any of you seen these movies? Which version do you prefer?

I'm planning a trip to Anthro tomorrow, but I'm too tired to be excited about it right now. I'm going to do some reviews, pick up the $50 gift card for my photo contest winner, and maybe pick up a little something for myself. Hubby said he would give me $50, so I won't be using any credit cards, I promise. Well, I've rambled on enough. Have a great night!

FoldedMomentos 041

FoldedMomentos 044

FoldedMomentos 049

FoldedMomentos 073

FoldedMomentos 061

FoldedMomentos 060

FoldedMomentos 068

FoldedMomentos 113

FoldedMomentos 033

FoldedMomentos 2

Top: Anthropologie Folded Momentos Tee

Sweater: Old Navy

Jeans: Joe's Honey Jeans

Shoes: Anthropologie Tritone Trumpet Heels

Mr. Darcy, I'm on my way...



  1. I have had days like that too. You look a lot better than I do after being up all night with a sick kid and up all day disinfecting and doing laundry!

  2. I LOVE the new version of Pride and Prejudice - in fact I just watched it last night to cheer myself up (post-holidays, back-to-real life blues). I was going to say that your pictures look like something out of the movie, and then there was the pic of Mr. Darcy casually slipped at the end of the post - totally made me laugh! I hope you get to relax.

  3. Oh how I adore the new Pride & Prejudice! It captures the romanticism of the book so well--love the Colin Firth version as well but the Matthew MaFayden one just ropes me in--so much so that afterward I felt slightly annoyed with my non-romantic husband!I also loved Joe Wright's direction of Atonement! I haven't seen his other films but they're on my list. Did you know he was engaged to Rosamund Pike who played Jane Bennet?! Sadly I just read on that they didn't marry. With your lovely hair wavy like that it's so pretty and what with the scenery it all makes you look like you came right out of the film--you've definitely got an English "period film" actress look!

  4. BBC Colin Firth- all the way!!

  5. That is one of my favorite movies too. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

  6. Btw if your mom likes Colin Firth tell her to go watch The King's Speech stat! It's SO GOOD, as in, if it doesn't win an Oscar in every category I'll be devastated!

  7. Bonnie, I like the P&P version with Colin Firth better than the other one. It was just better done i guess! but no worries, more Colin Firth to go around :-)
    Sorry that your daughter got sick. These things happen and it's something i will have to look forward to when i have kids one day.
    Despite your crazy busy day, you still look very pretty! Your photos are always stunning

  8. Oooh I adore P&P, I went to the cinema to see the Matthew McFayden one. I have to confess I've never seen the Colin Firth version.

    I'm not sure if you would be able to find it but Matthew McFayden starred in the first 2 series of Spooks which was ah-ma-zing. Worth checking out as he was mega hot as a mean and moody MI5 agent too plus his now wife Keeley Hawes is also in it :)

  9. I've seen both versions of P&P and I love version with Colin Firth better. It stays true to the book. Keira Knightly interpretation of Elizabeth is a little shallow.

  10. The landscape in your photos is amazing. I love the last picture you put in there, with the gentleman caller making his way over to you :) so fun!!!!

    and the curls in your hair look awesome! You should see mine in humidity....not nearly as pretty!

  11. Oh I think I'm a sucker for the OLD P&P...but the new one is very good too! I LOVE what the humidity is doing to your hair! It looks so romantic and pretty....JEALOUS (I have stick straight hair that does not hold any kind of curl. tear!)
    You look great!


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