"So rake your thumbnail across the stretch of the patina revealing a Proserpina in a low recline in a steep decline." - The Decemberists

It's been a pretty unproductive day. The kids had to go to school to make up a snow day, so I stayed in bed until noon, got up and cleaned a little, and then went out for a photo shoot. I'm feeling a little down, so I wanted to go somewhere different for the photo shoot in hopes that would cheer me up. I remembered that my dad has some land with an old house on it in a little place called Wyse Fork, so we drove there to check it out. We discovered someone living in the old house, so that didn't work out. We noticed a big old house across the road, so we decided to take pictures there. There wasn't a "No Trespassing" sign, but after last week's run in with the locals, I was paranoid the whole time that we were going to get caught.

There were several "issues" with today's photo shoot. First, it was freezing cold. I couldn't feel my hands when I got back in the truck after taking these. Secondly, my crappy camera died half-way through the shoot, so we had to switch to the phone camera. Then, I asked my husband several times to take some close-up shots, but when I went through the pictures afterwards, there were none. Lastly, this poor, old house had tons of graffiti on it and most of it was pretty obscene. LOL! So, I did alot of editing on these photos. I usually never do any editing, because I don't know what I'm doing. I played with the exposure and contrast to block out the graffiti. This made the colors exaggerated in alot of the pictures, but I kinda like it. Also, I cropped one of the photos to make a close-up, so it looks grainy, but it was the best I could do.

I'm wearing two new purchases today, the Deuxhill Cowlneck and the Flowing Cables Skirt. When I purchased the Flowing Cables skirt on sale, I knew exactly which top I wanted to wear with it - the Deuxhill Cowlneck in the black floral print. Problem was, I didn't own this top, and it had been sold out online for awhile. Imagine my delight when it popped back online a couple of weeks ago. I had to break the budget to get it, but I wasn't going to let it slip away again. I know I'm not getting off to a great start with this budget thing, but I'm going to try to do better in the future. Forgive me?

The song of the day is "Record Year For Rainfall" by The Decemberists. According to Colin Meloy, the lead singer and song writer: "The song was sort of written in the fall, there was alot of rain, and a record year for rainfall being kind of a metaphor for one's disposition over the course of a year. And the song is basically about the crumbling of a relationship, um, you know, by way of, the, sort of comparing to the fall of the Roman Empire." The crumbling of this old house reminded me of this song. I bet it was beautiful in it's day.

Interesting tidbit about The Decemberists: I saw The Decemberists in concert 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. They told everyone to join them on stage. I was in the second row, so I was one of the first one's up there. Colin Meloy pointed at me and another girl and told us to come up to the microphone. I sang "After the Bombs" on stage with Colin Meloy! He was frantically playing some weird looking guitar, and I was afraid he was going to hit my belly with it! I'll post a picture at the end of this post. Sorry it's so small, but it was the only one I could find on the Internet. That's me in the black shirt. See how his guitar is pointed at my baby bump? LOL! Have a great night!

OldMansion 034

OldMansion 035



OldMansion 026

OldMansion 010

OldMansion 004


OldMansion 019

OldMansion 018




Blouse: Anthropologie Deuxhill Cowlneck

Skirt: Anthropologie Flowing Cables Sweater Skirt

Cardigan: J Crew Jackie Cardigan

Tights: Anthropologie Cockle Shell Tights

Shoes: Anthropologie Raines Heels

Bracelet: Anthropologie Sliced Tagua Bracelet




  1. Despite all the issues you came across, the pictures turned out great! I love the outfit and the tights match your hair wonderfully!! I really like the old house in the background,wonder what's the story behind it!!

  2. I crop pretty often because I cannot figure out how to take pictures of myself at all and I have nobody to take them for me. :)

    You look terrific despite all of your issues today. I would kill for a Saturday with the kids at school and me at home! I work Saturdays and it is no fun. :(

  3. I love this outfit and can see why you broke your budget! I break mine each and every month myself, unfortunately.;)

    Your hair color looks amazing, by the way.

  4. Would love to hear more about your dad and all of his property and the history of your family... I was born in Charlotte and have strong ties to North & South Carolina but moved away many years ago. As always, you look fabulous and I agree with Dea~ your tights match your hair!

  5. I have been torn about whether to try that skirt but I really like this pairing. I also picked up the Deuxhill when it popped back online. I think you styled it beautifully.

  6. You look absolutely fabulous! Ive noticed that you wear tights a lot. Have you found any that dont fall down in the crotch area? Ive sometimes turned to wearing thigh high tights from Walmart. I cant stand my tights falling down!

  7. Love the photos Bonnie! I'm curious about the comment you made about your kids making up a snow day - do they go to school on Saturday where you live?

  8. Dea: Yeah, I would love to find out the story behind that old house. I'll ask my dad if he knows. I didn't plan for my hair to match my tights, but you're right, they do match! LOL!

    Ady: I REALLY enjoyed my peaceful Saturday morning. You are such a strong woman! I've said it before, I don't know how you do it. I really admire you!

    Chrissy: Thanks! It's good to know I'm not alone. Sometimes I feel like such a bad person! LOL! I'm digging the hair color too!

    Kate: Maybe I'll do a post on that sometime soon. I need to sit down and talk to my dad about it. His family has alot of history in this area. My grandfather built the house we live in and the land has been in the family for centuries. The shed in our back yard is over 100 years old, and my dad said there used to be an orchard where we plant our garden now. Pretty cool stuff!

    LC: Thanks! I was scared this skirt was going to be too itchy for me, but with tights, I can wear it.

    Kerri: Thanks! I get most of my tights from The Limited. I don't have any problems with them falling down. These tights were from Anthro, but I can't remember the brand name. They don't fall down either. I know what you are talking about, thought. Alot of the tights from Gap do that on me. My biggest problem with tights is the toe seam. I HATE it when it goes under my foot. I like tights that have the seam further down below the toes, but they are hard to find.

    Jenn G: Thanks! They usually don't go to school on Saturday. They only had to do it this one time to make up the snow day. They hated it, but I loved it! I'm so mean! LOL!

  9. Ooh, I really love those pictures where you are sitting on the porch, they're just stunning. And this outfit is wonderfully put together too, I wouldn't have thought to pair that skirt with a printed top. Anyway, hope you are having a great weekend Bonnie!

  10. Anjali: Thanks! The editing really made those shots look great. I think I might do the editing thing more often from now on. Honestly, I didn't come up with the pairing myself. These two items were paired together in an outfit on Anthro's main page a couple of months ago. I fell in love when I saw it.

  11. Bonnie,

    I love this outfit! not to mention your cute hat! aww can't get over it! too cute(I meant "very eclectic!")


  12. Bonnie,

    I love this outfit!!Loving every single thing about it not to mention your cloche!!! aww too cute!!( I meant "very electic and elegant!")


  13. These pictures are absolutely beautiful (love your colored tights!) and that house is so really have the most amazing scenery/photoscapes around you!

  14. Jin: Thanks! It's a great hat! I love it!

    Jen: Thanks! Yeah, there are so many interesting places to take photos where I live. I love it!


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