Rattlesnake Ranch

"Honey you are a rock upon which I stand." - Coldplay

Nothing exciting going on today. I cleaned my house and folded up tons of laundry. The husband and I went out for a photo shoot just before sunset. We rode out to some land my father tends called Rattlesnake Ranch. I have no idea why it is called this. In all my years going out there to help farm, I have never seen a rattlesnake. LOL! The structure in the pictures is what's left of tobacco barns in which my dad cured tobacco. He got out of the tobacco business a few years ago and sold the curing barns that used to be here. The building that's left is the stick barn. It's full of tobacco sticks. Apparently before my time, they put the tobacco on sticks to cure it. So, the sticks in this barn are some pretty old sticks!

I'm all Anthro-ed out today. Everything I'm wearing is from Anthropologie except, well, my undergarments. Now that I think about it, I've never bought any undergarments from Anthro before. Honestly, they don't look very supportive. I need serious undergarments. LOL! I'm wearing the Wightwick Manor Dress with the Curlytop Cardigan. It was very cold this morning, but it didn't feel as cold this afternoon as it did yesterday. I was pretty comfortable with just the sweater. I'm wearing my tights that match my hair again. LOL! I was going to wear my Frye boots, but I decided tights and booties looked much better with this outfit. I just realized that I forgot to wear any jewelry today. Oops!

The song of the day is "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. As we were taking these pictures, my husband was commenting on how green my eyes look with my new hair color. He was like, "how does that song go? Green Eyes..." I played it for him tonight to refresh his memory. I forgot how much I love that album by Coldplay. I know alot of people don't like them because they are so popular and mainstream now. I must admit, I don't really like much of their new stuff, but "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is a great album. There are not many songs about girls with green eyes, so I really like that this song is for my demographic. LOL!

Well, back to the grind tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great week! Good night!

RattlesnakeRanch 124

RattlesnakeRanch 052

RattlesnakeRanch 044

RattlesnakeRanch 003

RattlesnakeRanch 022

RattlesnakeRanch 062

RattlesnakeRanch 072

RattlesnakeRanch 076

RattlesnakeRanch 102

RattlesnakeRanch 107

Dress: Anthropologie Wightwick Manor Shirtdress

Sweater: Anthropologie Curlytop Cardigan

Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Tights: Anthropologie Cockle Shell Tights

Shoes: Anthropologie Brass and Band Booties

Hair Pin: Anthropologie



  1. This dress looks great on you and all the other bloggers I've seen it on, but for some reason, I can't get mine to work for me :/ Maybe I'm just using the wrong accessories? I never thought to pair it with a light colored cardigan, so maybe I'll have to try that :)

  2. those old farms sure make for great photo shoots! Love the outfit pairing!

  3. That dress is lovely on you! I never liked the cardigan much before, but it looks terrific paired with this dress. And the copper-toned tights are also beautiful!

  4. Those booties are just perfect with the dress. Fantastic combo!

  5. Bonnie, can you help me??? How did the Wightwick Manor fit??? TTS? I had to size down because I couldn't find it anywhere in my size...I had heard it has a little stretch. Please put my mind at ease!!!

    BTW, you look GORGEOUS!

  6. I love the cardigan with that dress. It really lightens it up

  7. Sara: I'm sure it looks great on you! I can't wait to see how you style it!

    Peggy: Yeah, my mom says, "There's one thing about it, your dad has plenty of old junk for you to take pictures with." LOL!

    Ady: Thanks! Oh, I love this cardigan. It goes with everything!

    JG: Thanks! I love these booties so much. One of my best purchases ever!

    Elise: So funny you ask this. I needed a size 6 in this dress, but accidentally ordered a size 8. It is a little big on me. So, this dress actually runs a size small. It should work out great for you! Let me know!

    ali: Thanks! Me too!

  8. Oh wow, your hair looks so gorgeous in the light, Bonnie! And the photos are beautiful as always - love how the sunlight illuminates everything in photo #1. And the scenery is just stunning - if I were a photographer (which I'm not, lol) I'd want to take a whole bunch of B&W, Ansel Adams-like shots! :)

  9. Jen: Thanks! You should go for it with the B&W photography thing. Practice makes perfect! Look at how far my husband has come!


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