Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

I'm going to split these reviews into 2 sections. The first group is items that were already on sale or went on sale this morning. The second group is full price items.

Sale Items

Spliced Ikat Shift ($80). I kinda liked this dress. I think it is very flattering on my figure, and it feels good on. This is a size 6. However, even on sale, I think it is overpriced. I will consider it on 2nd cut.

Sewing Circle Dress ($80). I've never noticed this dress before. It was hanging in the lounge section of my Anthro yesterday. I liked the boho vibe it was giving off, so I decided to try it on. This dress has optional spaghetti straps that are adjustable. I chose to wear the straps. This is a size 6, and it was a little tight in the chest area. However, I had more than enough room in the skirt portion. This just didn't work on me. Pass.

Fletching Dress ($80). I thought I was really going to like this dress, but I didn't. This is a size 8, and it was a little big. The built in grey shell was sheer and pointless. It just looked like a colorful sack on me. Pass.

Etta Twa Red Cord Skirt ($40). Sorry, I don't know the name of this one. It was the only one in the sale room, and it was a size 6. I decided to give it a try, and what do you know? I loved it! It's sort of a mini skirt but not too mini. I can wear this to work with tights. I love the color, and the fit was great. For $40, I couldn't pass it up. This came home with me.

Colossal Violas Tee ($40). This top runs big. This is a size small and it was a little big on me. I didn't care for the big flower print once I got it on my body, so I didn't try a x-small. On the plus side, it is made out of very soft, comfortable material. Pass.

Full Price Items

No Name Deletta Top. I can't find this one online. It looked really cute on the hanger, but I could tell it was going to be short waisted. I usually wear a small in this brand, but I went with a medium since it looked so short. Even in the medium, it was still too short, and it was too big up top. No way this one was going to work on me. Pass.

Narrow Ruled Henley ($68). Looks like this top is not getting alot of love in the comments section on Anthro. I saw this top on a mannequin in the store with a turquoise necklace and thought it was a cute, laid back look. This is a size small, and it didn't fit that great. I ended up trying a medium and really liking it. However, $68 is way too much for this top. I will consider getting this one on sale.

Wind Smocked Henley ($48). This was just a simple little top, but the subtle pattern and smocking on it intrigue me, and it came in my favorite color green, so I had to give it a try. The small fit good, but it was just kinda blah on. Pass.

Flounced & Draped Blouse ($88). I thought the print on this blouse was pretty. It reminded me of butterfly wings. Boy, does this blouse run huge. This is a size 6, and I was swimming in it. I didn't bother to size down. Pass.

Emerging Leaves Dress ($138). I thought this was a very pretty, summery dress. I was so excited to try it on. This is a size 8, and it fit good everywhere except the chest. Surprisingly, it was a little big in the chest! Crazy, huh? It just gaped at the neckline. I could probably have it altered, but at this price, I'm not willing to do that. I will consider this one once it hits sale.

Woody Nymph Dress ($148). I absolutely loved this dress! The pattern is great, its my favorite color green, it fits nice, and it's super comfortable! This is a size small. I'm patiently waiting to get this one next month. Please don't sell out (fingers crossed)!

Take Action Dress ($168). Oh great! Another dress I fell in love with. This is a size 6, and the fit is perfection. I love the beautiful, rich teal color. The fabric is super comfortable. It broke my heart to leave this one at the store. :-( I must be a good girl and wait until next month.

Garden Party Dress ($168). I love the print on this one but wasn't sure about the shape. I tried a size 6, and it fit good. I think it would look a heck of alot better belted. I'm kinda digging it, but I don't like it as good as the other 2 dresses I loved, so I'll keep this one on the back burner.

Decade-By-Decade Skirt ($128). This skirt was so freaking cute laying on the table when I walked in the store. It's so vintage looking. I tried on a size 8, and I think I could have sized down to a 6. However, the length was just all wrong on me, and the waist was a little too high for my comfort. I felt very "granny" in this. Pass.

Painted Morning Skirt ($88). The bright cheery yellow drew me into this skirt, and I thought it was a good price. I tried a size 8, and it was a little big. It just didn't wow me, and it wasn't really my style. It felt a little too preppy for my taste. Pass.



  1. Bonnie the red skirt might be the Hop Skip and Jump skirt that Carol has? So simple and versatile! I haven't seen anyone the Take Action Dress doesn't look wonderful on yet - I wonder what the chances are of there being any left over there come sale time?!

  2. The Woody Nymph Dress looks great on you! I also love green and the pattern looks great, so I have it wishlisted even though I haven't tried it on yet. Does it run TTS?

  3. Hi Bonnie - I LOVE the red skirt. Flatters and fits perfectly! Hope your day is going great! Cheers!

  4. The red cord skirt was a great it! My favorite of the dresses on you would be the Take Action dress...very flattering and cute!

  5. I also LOVE the Woody Nymph dress. Tried it on the other day and it is a winner. Love the fabric, pattern, and pockets! Thanks for pointing out the Emerging Leaf dress too--hadn't noticed that one. I have a thing for clothes with leaves :) Great reviews!

  6. The red skirt is definitely the Hop Skip Jump skirt. I have it and absolutely love it! That's great you were able to get it on sale for $40...can't wait to see your styling for it!

  7. Louise: Yes, you're right! Thanks for the name! Looks like alot of people are "Taking Action" and scooping up this dress. I doubt there will be many left come sale time.

    Meghan: I took a small, so I would say it runs a little big. You might want to consider sizing down in this one. Good Luck!

    Sherry: Thanks!

    Jenni: Thanks! I prefer the Take Action as well, but since so many people seem to be getting that one, I think I might get the Woody Nymph dress first. We'll see...

    AppGal: It's a great dress! Glad I could point out a new "Leaf" dress for ya!

    Kelly: Thanks for confirming the name! I'm having a hard time choosing what to wear with it. We'll see what I can come up with!

  8. I tried to post a comment to this post earlier but blogger ate it! Anyway, I LOVE the Garden Party dress! Very retro-glam! Looks fabulous with the boots. I think it looks great without the belt. I am putting that dress on my wish list, though the shortness factor, being 5'10" might be an issue. I'll probably have to take a trip out to my local anthro store to see just how short it is on me. That one is my favorite of all your reviews, mostly because it is just different.


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