Anthropologie Dressing Room Reviews

Rippled Ridge Henley($48) and Wooded Hideaway Skirt($148). I saw these two put together in the store and fell in love. The top is a good price and comes in a variety of rich, warm colors. This color is my favorite, with the yellow coming in at a close second. It's a comfortable top, and I like the fit. My only complaint about it is that it's cut a little short which is actually a good thing when tucking it into a skirt like this, but bad if you want to wear it untucked with jeans. That wasn't a deal breaker for me, though, especially at this price. I tried on a size small. Wishlisted.
I've been wanting to try on this skirt since I saw it online, so I was excited when I saw it in the store. It did not disappoint! In fact everything I tried on by Corey Lynn Calter was a success. Which was kinda a bad thing considering the price point for that brand. I love everything about this skirt: the fit, the color, even the cute little racoon or whatever it is hiding out in it! This is a size small. Wishlisted.


Fluttering Obi Dress($198) and Sandia Peak Cardigan($78). Why oh why, did I have to see this dress and cardigan combo in the store, and why did I have to go and try them on? This is a quintessential "Bonnie outfit." I adore this outfit! I love the color of the cardigan and the fact that is it long sleeved and cotton. I love the pretty pattern on the dress and the reversable obi belt which is tied backwards in this picture. The front of the belt was attached to the back of the dress?!? I didn't want to rip the belt off before buying it, so I had to tie it backwards. The cardigan is a size small. The dress is a size 6 and it's that darn Corey Lynn Calter brand again! I couldn't resist. This outfit came home with me.

Rugged Carats Dress ($118). I was very excited to try on this dress. I had wishlisted it after seeing it on Anthro's website with red tights. I thought it looked awesome with the tights. The dress, however, did not look awesome on me. I tried a size 6 first. This dress has a separate slip underneath it that is much tighter than the actual dress. The size 6 slip was too small, but the dress itself fit. The size 8 slip fit, but the dress was big, bulky, and unflattering. This did not live up to my expectations. Pass.

Esmeralda Dress($158). This is a very pretty dress by Girls from Savoy that reminded me of spring. This is a size small, and the fit was good. It has a pretty tie at the neck in the back, and I love the detail on the sash. I see this dress as being great in the spring and summer, so I will wait and try to get it when it goes on sale. Wishlisted.

Lappula Dress($168). I love the print on this dress. It is so vibrant! This is a size 8 and it fit like a glove. It is definitely a curve hugging dress which I like, but I liked the ease of the Obi dress better, so I went with it over this one. I still want this one, though. This will probably be one of my purchases in January. Wishlisted.

Field Skirt ($78). I had tried this skirt on once before in the grey and was just kinda ho-hum about it, but in yellow, it was a whole different story! It was so flattering and comfortable, and the color is just divine. This is a size 6. Wishlisted.

No name top by Language ($68). I had no pants to try on with this top, so I had to cut my legs off in the picture. LOL! One of the SA's had this on, so I asked her to pull one from the back for me since there weren't any on the floor. I like the color and print on it and it was super comfortable. I wasn't willing to pay $68 for it, though, so I will patiently wait for it to go on sale. Wishlisted.



  1. Ooh, LOVE the Esmeralda dress. I have been drooling over it since I saw it come out online. It is a perfect "me" dress! Thanks for all the pics!

  2. the first outfit looks great on you! you look super tiny.

  3. Wow I like the obi dress IRL, I wasn't sure online if it was a bit 'out there' but nope, looks fab!

  4. i love that field skirt! *rubs chin*

  5. I love the obi dress! The colors are so pretty.

  6. How could you possibly resist an outfit that perfect - you look beautiful! And dress, say hello to my wishlist...

  7. You reviewed all the pieces I was looking at! Agh! Now I want more THINGS!!!

  8. I own that bottom red top and LOVE it! sure looks great on you! Hope you can grab it when it hits the sale.

    I also really love the field skirt. I might have to cave at that one full price...I'm gonna try to hold out!

    Have a great week!

  9. Thanks for the reviews! I love the Wooded Hideaway Skirt on you with the navy Rippled Ridge Henley. I never thought about putting the navy together with that skirt but it works and looks so great! The Field Skirt in mustard is so lovely! I also tried it in Grey and I was like ehhh, but the mustard yellow...gorgeous!

  10. I just bought the Lappula dress today and love it. It is definitely colorful, but I think would transition nicely into Spring/Summer as well. Can't wait to wear it to work with the Ivory Gumshoe sweater coat from 2009.

    You look great in that outfit and I see why you bought it home with you. Fab...


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