Finesssed Turtleneck

Only one day left until the weekend! Of course, it's looking like I'm gonna have to go into work for a few hours on Saturday to make up some time. Oh well, at least I should get plenty of work done since there will not be many people there. Have you guys entered the Anthropologie Polyvore contest? I've done 7 entries so far. I got the inspiration for my looks from one of my favorite Robert Frost poems. I feel sorry for the people who have to look through all these entries. There are thousands of them! I wonder if they REALLY look through all of them. It seems impossible.

Today's outfit consist of a new sale purchase. I know, I know! I'm not suppose to buy anything this month, but this little top went on sale this week for the low price of $30, so I just HAD to have it! I'm no good with contracts! LOL! I'm not usually a turtleneck fan but this is more of a "drapey" turtleneck. It is very form fitting, so I knew I needed to balance it out with a full skirt, and what better skirt than the Circle the Globe. My major dilemma this morning was what belt to wear with this. I almost went with the Bow and Angle belt, but eventually decided on the Mosaic Beaded Belt. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Finessed 027

Finessed 030

Finessed 050

Finessed 014

Finessed 007

Finessed 005

Finessed 019

Top: Anthropologie Finessed Turtleneck

Skirt: Anthropologie Circle the Globe Skirt

Belt: Anthropologie Mosaic Beaded Belt

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. Well, I hope they look at all the entries bc that would be the ethical thing to do, but who knows! Anyway, this outfit is adorable. The belt and the ring really do it for me;)

  2. I don't even know how to use Polyvore so I will probably not enter but yes, I would hope they do look at all the entries, fairs fair after all!

    Are you still on the $50 a week budget or did that end upon the Jan deal? I forget but I like your new tee :)

  3. I love this turtleneck! I was so sad when it sold out in my size.

    The mosaic belt was a great choice---it adds just the right amount of visual interest and color.

  4. Do you still have the link to that sweater? I remember seeing it online and thought I had it in my wishlist, but can't seem to find it.

  5. Mimi: I hope so too. Thanks!

    Louise: You should enter one. It's easy and fun! I forgo my $50 a week until January. In January, I get $600 and my $50 a week. I guess now, I get $570. LOL!

    Jewish Girl: It sold out in my size online too. I had to call my local store to get it.

    Susan: It's sold out online, so the link is gone. I'm sure if you call customer service they could track one down for you. Good Luck!

  6. i've submitted 2 polyvore outfits already. such fun to do!
    COngrats on your sale purchase - the top looks really good on you, and goes really well with the skirt. The belt is simply the most perfect accessory. it ties everything together nicely!


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