A Different Direction

It was another frigid day. I hate even stepping foot outside, but with the holiday activites kicking into full gear that's pretty much impossible. My son had a Christmas program tonight, and we are having a holiday luncheon at my work tomorrow for which I'm suppose to make some stuffing. Stuffing is no good cold, so I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow morning and cook before I go to work. Most mornings it's all I can do to get to work, so it should be interesting.

I had a totally different outfit planned out in my head this morning. I was planning on wearing the Cup of Tea Sweater Dress (not sure why it's called a sweater dress, it's much too short to be a dress) that I got from Ruche a while back. I remembered that the picture in the online lookbook is what attracted me to this sweater in the first place, so I decided to try and find the picture online to get some styling inspiration. I rolled out of bed and Googled "Cup of Tea Sweater Dress." As I was scrolling through the pictures, I came across this:

This picture inspired me to go into a totally different direction. I'm glad it did because I was much more comfortable in the outfit I ended up wearing than I would have been in the other one. After sitting on gym bleachers for an hour and a half tonight, I was thankful for that!

LucernaOutdoor 007

LucernaOutdoor 019

LucernaOutdoor 067

LucernaOutdoor 054

LucernaOutdoor 063

LucernaOutdoor 021

Dress: Anthropologie Lucerna Dress

Sweater: Anthropologie Outdoor Cafe Cardigan

Tights: Gap

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

Necklace: Anthropologie Biloba Necklace

Ring: The Limited



  1. I have that sweater, but it is in a bright pink color and I never wear it. I should have gotten the neutral tone.
    Also, that coat... AWESOME! What coat is it?

  2. Love your outfit! I'm thinking about trying to track down the Outdoor Cafe cardigan - is it machine washable? Thanks!

  3. Very very nice! I love your caramel coloured coat too. I really need something like that!

  4. Love your outfit! I haven't worn my Lucerna Dress yet and wasn't sure how to wear it. I love how you have paired it with the boots!


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