The Stinky Dress

So, this is what it looked like outside when I got home.

StinkyDress 002

No, outside outfit pictures for me today! As I predicted, I couldn't get myself out of bed early enough this morning to have my husband take my outfit pictures, so instead of going back to mirror pictures, I decided to find a happy medium and have my husband take my pictures inside. So going forward it will be inside pictures during the week and outside pictures on the weekend. Unless, of course, I do decide to get out of bed early one morning. Highly unlikely...LOL!

So, yesterday I brought you the Itchy Jacket, so it was only fitting that today I bring you the Stinky Dress. I ordered this last week from Urban Outfitters before my enforced shopping budget went into effect. I thought the print was really pretty, but more importantly the length of this dress was 34"! I pounced on this sucker because it is very rare to find something this long at Urban Outfitters. I ordered a large because I was afraid the buttons would pull in the chest area on the medium. The large fits, but it is a little big. I think I could have worn a medium, but it wasn't worth the hassle of an exchange. The only negative I have to say about this dress is that it STINKS! It smells like a dirty dish rag. I washed it and sprayed it down with Febreeze, but it still kinda stinks, just not as bad. Apparently, it's not just mine, because there is a review on UO's website that also says it stinks. Moral of this story: Some things are so cute, they are worth the stink! Have a great night!

StinkyDress 003

StinkyDress 005

StinkyDress 006

StinkyDress 007

StinkyDress 012

StinkyDress 013

StinkyDress 015

Cardigan: JCPenny (Ha! Ha! That's right, I actually bought clothing in Kinston!)
Belt: Anthropologie Snake Bite Belt
Tights: The Limited
Ring and Necklace: The Limited - last year



  1. That dress is so lovely but I wonder why it stinks. Haha. Very odd. I've never had that problem with UO before.

    Isn't it sad how dark it's going to get from now on? :(

  2. The print of this dress is so pretty. What in the world is up with the stink? Hmmm...that's so crazy! But it looks great on you, and I love how you styled it!
    Kristina J.

  3. The dress is pretty. The stink is probably from the chemicals used to print it. I bought, and returned, an Anthro dress that did the same thing this summer. I think it'll probably wear off in time, but I have nasty allergies and the dress I bought gave me a headache!

    34" is LONG at UO?!?! Shorter than that and I would not be able to bend over!

  4. Nice dress Bonnie! the print is very pretty and has a kind of boho feel to it.
    Not sure why the dress would stink. As Ady mentioned it might be due to the chemicals.
    Never mind the stench, you still look great!

  5. Super-pretty Bonnie and I adore your home!

  6. Shame it stinks as it is gorgeous and really suits you. You have such a beautiful home!

    My In a Twinkling was pretty pongy when it arrived a few months ago, I wondered if it was the gold thread?

  7. too bad about the smell, because I think this may be my favourite outfit on you yet - the fit, the colours, so gorgeous. Fingers crossed the smell wears off! :o)

  8. What a cute dress! This is o/t, but i love your hallway color. What type and name of the color is it (if you dont mind sharing) Thanks

  9. That is so weird that it stinks! Maybe the place they are storing them? That's just strange!

  10. I love the dress & I've actually had this problem with clothes before. The odor is from chemicals used to finish the fabric.. not good. I always wash them before I wear & usually put a bit of baking soda into the washing machine to make sure the scent stops there. Hope this helps!

    Come check out my giveaway if you want! I can't wait to give 2 pairs of Kendra Scott earrings away!

  11. Cindi: I hate this time change! It so depressing when your still at work and it's dark outside!

    Kristina: Thanks! I wish I knew why it sticks! So weird!

    Ady: 34" is as short as I can wear, but that is long by UO standards. It's crazy!

    Jen: Thanks! Yeah, I guess it could be a chemical thing. It is definitely something in the fabric.

    Dea: Thanks! The lighting is terrible in my house, so I just stood in the hall. It seemed to have the best light.

    Louise: Thanks! It's weird how certain items smell when you get them in the mail. Makes you wonder where they've been? LOL!

    Tracy: Aww...thanks! I hope it wears off too!

    ali: Thanks! I got the paint from Lowes. It's Valspar paint and the color is Fennel Splash.

    Sarah: Isn't is weird? I've had things smell that came in the mail smell before but never this bad.

    Elizabeth: Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try!


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