My, You Look Familiar...

I think today has been the longest day ever! This time change is really kicking my butt! I absolutely hate leaving work in the dark. Since I don't have any control over the space/time continuum, I guess I'm just gonna have to live with it for awhile. LOL! I'm not wearing any Anthro today - a true rarity in my world. Instead, I'm wearing a Anthro-inspired outfit. I purchased this cardigan from The Limited last year. At the time it looked very similar to this cardigan at Anthro:


The Limited version was 1/4 of the price of the Anthro version, so it was a no-brainer purchase for me. While browsing through the sweaters on Anthro's website the other day, I noticed another cardigan that's even more similar to the one from The Limited. You know it's a good purchase when your still knocking off Anthro a year later!


So, did you guys get anything at the sale today? I tried to order some Pilcro cords, but an hour later I saw the most dreaded sight for any Anthro shopper pop up at the bottom of my computer screen - the cancellation notice. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had already been planning outfits in my head with my new cords. I immediately went online to see if I could get my size in another color. To my surprise, every size and color was sold out! This couldn't be possible! There were tons of sizes and colors in stock just an hour ago. Anthro, what are you up too? I'm gonna keep checking the website to see if they put them back. In fact, I'm gonna go do that now. Have a good night!

Corsage 0262

Corsage 028

Corsage 001

Corsage 003

Corsage 008

Corsage 033

Entire Outfit: The Limited



  1. love that cardi! that color is really great on you!

  2. Good luck trying to find your cords. I made a couple of sale purchases as well that I'll be posting here shortly. :) Your Limited sweater is just lovely. Boy...I haven't shopped there in maybe 10 years!

  3. They had tons at my Anthro - you can let me know your size if you don't find them!

  4. Peggy: I'm a 29. I like the brown, grey, and green - in that order. I can only get one pair right now. You are too sweet! How will I pay you? Do you have Paypal?

  5. I got the brown and gray pilcro cords and red headwater tee!

  6. I got the Pilco cords in brown and grey and also the pilco pocket slims in the olive to make the free shipping. I also realllllly want the Spinning Lace dress but will wait it out a little longer.....hopefully my size won't sell out. I really have nowhere to wear it to but just need it in my closet.

  7. I read somewhere there was a recall on them...hence all the cancellations. THat could also be code for accidently putting them on sale when they weren't suppose to be. =( Hope you can find them...I would love to get my hands on some too!! PS--Your house is so cute!!! I love all the decor.

  8. What a steal, I prefer the colour of your cardi to the Anthro options TBH. Loving the indoor pics.

    Bonnie - my day 3 is the Southward Stop dress, I wanted to link some of my fave bloggers takes on it so am adding a link to your Purple Rain piece, hope you don't mind?

  9. That colour is GORGEOUS on you! And wait, weren't you supposed to be on a shopping ban? ;o) I know I was...and off again LAST sale!

  10. Oh, that sweater was a great find! The color is fantastic on you.

  11. I love the cardigan you got better than the Anthro version! Great find!

  12. Bonnie, the pilco cord are back on the website in all sizes and color.


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