Remember the deal before the deal? The one where I told my husband I would forgo my $50 a week until January if he let me buy some sale items? This is the top that inspired that deal. When I saw this hit sale at Anthro last week, I knew I had to have it no matter what. So, I started working on my husband early that morning, and by noon the top was mine! I have to say, it was soooo worth it! I love it! I think almost everybody I came in contact with today complimented me on it. I took a size 6 in it, so it runs a little big. This top reminds me of a beautiful antique, so I thought my dad's house would be the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. You see, my dad lives in what used to be my Aunt Z's house. This lady had impeccable taste. These photos were taken in her formal living and dining rooms. The old picture in the first photo is of my Aunt Z and my grandaddy, her little brother. I'm usually not a big fan of wallpaper, but I love the wallpaper in these rooms! It was so difficult to take these pictures. My dad was watching the whole time, and he was actually trying to give me direction! So weird! Also, he kept stepping into the frame! I think he was a little tipsy! LOL! So, what's everybody doing for Thanksgiving? I'm going to attempt to cook a turkey, so that should be interesting! I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving!

Antique 066

Antique 060

Antique 012

Antique 011

Antique 020

Antique 029

Antique 026

Antique 033

Antique 049

Antique 008

Top: Anthropologie Calderbrook Blouse

Shrug: The Limited

Jeans: Pilcro Straight Leg Jeans

Shoes: Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic

Necklace: Target

Ring: The Limited



  1. I agree that top is beautiful, your hubby is good to you :)
    Lovely pictures, I like the "big" wallpaper as it is in keeping with the rest of the house. Kind of reminds me of some of the beautiful old National Trust places we sometimes visit here x

  2. What a pretty lace top, i am glad you got it despite your ban!
    These are lovely pictures and have an old-world feel about them. You look beautiful as always!!

  3. The room in the house just looks beautiful! The wallpaper is divine and you fit right in. That blouse is so pretty and the proportions, color, and everything about it looks perfect on you.

  4. I feel so foolish for missing out ur blog for so long :( .. love ur sense of dressing .. it'ss very different and unique .. the bohemian vibe is wat eally draws me :) ... and yay for the t straps .. i love mine to death :)


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