Fall Festival

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I'm utterly exhausted! I worked a full day then picked up my kids and took them to the Fall Festival at their school. Once there, I worked a 30 minute shift at the Ring Toss game. My job consisted of picking up the rings as they were tossed. My back is killing me from bending over so much! Man, I'm getting old! LOL! All my kids chickened out on the Haunted House, so I ended up going in by myself. It was pretty scary! I love a good scare! My husband and I are having a date night tomorrow, and we are going to see Paranormal Activity 2. I LOVED the first one, so I'm super excited about seeing the sequel. It's actually getting pretty good reviews. I got my husband to snap a few pics before we left for the festival. He's getting pretty good at this picture thing. I might have to start hiring him out! LOL! I'm going to miss being able to take these setting sun pics once it starts getting dark earlier. The sun cast such a pretty light.

Sweater: Anthropologie Jet Stream Cardigan
Cami: American Eagle Pintuck Ruffle Tank
Jeans: American Eagle Jeggins
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Bag: American Eagle Mini Messenger Bag
Necklace: American Eagle
Ring: The Limited



  1. Sounds like you had quite a busy day! Love the new AE jeans...they look great as does the rest of your outfit. Have a fun date night tomorrow night!!

  2. Great pictures...I love that sweater. It was one that I wished I would have gotten...oh well! Have a great date night :)

  3. Jenni: It was a very busy day, but that's the way it is for us mom's right? I love the new jeans as well. I decided to pick up a couple pairs of AE jeans this week since they were on sale for $30.

    Carrie: Thanks! I'm sure one will pop up on Ebay. I almost missed out on it. I had to call a store to get this one.


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