Fifty Shades of Blue (well, actually just two but fifty sounds cooler)

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Tights: Hue
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
"Though I looked for you all night the words would never come." - Wild Nothing
It was bitterly cold and rainy on this day. So cold, in fact, that Jerry was literally shaking while taking these photos. I've never seen him so cold. Usually, I'm the one freezing my butt off. Not this time, though. I was actually warm and toasty thanks to all my layers.
Due to Anthro's recent sweater sale, I just couldn't resist picking up this sweater in another color. I'm still partial to the Ivory, but the Navy is growing on me. I especially loved it paired with my new blue pajama dress and fair isle tights. This outfit was so comfortable and perfect for a cold, rainy day.
Speaking of pajamas, I've been having some pretty intense dreams lately. I can't really remember specifics, but I know there has been a lot of anxiety involved. I usually wake up with my heart going a mile a minute. I think the holidays especially stress me out now because they remind me that my daddy has chosen not to be a part of my life anymore. It still hurts so bad that it was so easy for him to walk away from me.
I'm planning a family Christmas party at our house Saturday night, and I want to invite him, but I get nervous just thinking about calling him. I know he won't come, but I feel like I should keep doing the right thing even if he doesn't. Hopefully, I'll get up the courage to call him soon. Who knows? Maybe a Christmas miracle will happen.   

The Blue Dress by Wild Nothing on Grooveshark



  1. Just keep trying Bonnie, don't give up! You won't have any regrets later if you just keep trying!

  2. Dear Bonnie, This blue sweater is great. I love it (and I prefer the blue). I can imagine that Christmas stresses you out because of family issues. We spent years sending birthday gifts and invitations to family members that never send a card or came around to visit. At least that used to be the case. We found out that in fact some of these people kept our cards in a secret place (to hide them from the rest of the family) and with some of them we will even celebrate Christmas this year. We don't always agree on everything, but we learned to accept that. We don't touch certain subjects. I am happy that we always send the cards and invited them. My door was always open for them and when the time was right they decided to come in. I wish you, Jerry and the kids a warm Christmas and lots of love for 2013. I really enjoyed the blog and the outfits this past year.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Hannie. It gives me hope. Best wishes for you and yours!

  4. Those tights are AMAZING! I just checked Hue and they're not online :( Did you get them online? (Sorry, i don't know much about the brand, are they sold in stores?

  5. oh wait, I take back my previous comment. Are these it?
    yours look lighter...

  6. Hi, Jenny. Those look very similar, but the pattern on mine is a little different and, yes, the color is lighter. I got mine from Anthro about 3 years ago. I would give the ones in the link a try. They look pretty cute too!

  7. Hue has it's on website, but they sell their merchandise in dept. stores and even Anthro too.

  8. Thanks for your response! :) I appreciate it. And I think I am going to order them!


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