Curlytop in the Treetops

I am feeling much better! Of course, it probably doesn't hurt any that it's Friday. I received a couple of items from Ruche today, and I'm lovin 'em! I can't wait to wear them next week! Speaking of new purchases, I'm wearing my new sale purchase from Anthro, the Curlytop Cardigan. I got this in a medium and it fits perfectly. It was finally cool enough to wear it today! The return of the Fall like temperature has done alot to brighten my spirits. I think being sick in the humid 90 degree weather was wearing me down. The cool breeze has reenergized me. The leaves are really starting to change around here, so I thought I would take some pictures with the trees in my front yard. I even climbed a tree for a couple of the pics! Have a great night!

Curly Top 005

Curly Top 012

Curly Top 010

Curly Top 015

Curly Top 017

Curly Top 020

Curly Top 021

Curly Top 025

Curly Top 028

Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: The Limited



  1. Hi Bonnie! Just found your lovely blog doing an Anthro search for an item! It's such a lovely blog!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Vivian: Aww...thanks! I love your blog too!

  3. lady .. just love ur style .... now can't enough of it ... i love ur outfits with jeans and tops and cardigan .. so practical yet cute .. soemthign which i dont see much in blogosphere .. yet its so my style .. i do not always post or infact take pictures if i were blouses with jeans .. all the anthro cute blouses :).. will sure post more of those from now on :) ... love all ur poses in ur pics they are so graceful and u r so beautiful .... ur hubby is one lucky guy :)


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