Across the Prairie

Happy Halloween Eve! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I've got a Ninja, Super Mario, and Pumpkin Fairy to take Trick or Treating tonight. It should be a good time! We had some yummy barbeque for lunch. Barbeque is a pretty big thing around here, and alot of churches sell it for fundraisers. So, we got some from my mom's church today. After lunch, I got my sweet husband to take some pictures of my outfit today. I'm wearing one of my new Ruche purchases that just arrived in the mail last night. It's called the Across the Prairie Peasant Top. I just love the pretty color and embroidery. I'm so happy I went ahead and purchased this because it is already sold out! I got a size medium and it is a little roomy, but I think that this top is suppose to fit a little on the big side. If you like this top, keep checking Ruche's website because most of the stuff that sells out comes back in stock eventually. We took these pictures at a old abandoned house down the road. It's been abandoned as long as I can remember. I wish someone would do something with it, because it sits on some really pretty land. Well, I'm going to do some cleaning and then get my kids in their costumes. I plan on ordering a pizza and watching lots of scary movies tonight! I can't wait!

Across the Prairie 010

Across the Prairie 011

Across the Prairie 013

Across the Prairie 014

Across the Prairie 019

Across the Prairie 022

Across the Prairie 031

Across the Prairie 033

Across the Prairie 040

Across the Prairie 048

Across the Prairie 049

Across the Prairie 051

Jeans: AE Jeggins
Ring: Ruche
Earrings: The Limited



  1. I will be taking a witch and Darth Vader trick or treating tomorrow night. :)
    I love your Ruche shirt!

  2. My daughter is going to be Flo from Progressive Insurance! Have fun Trick or Treating! I love the photos!

  3. Bonnie, that top is so pretty! you look gorgeous in it :-) hope you have a good Halloween night tonight!

  4. I just love those boots. And I think I need to check out Ruche. I've been loving the pieces featured!


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