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One more day till Friday! I started out my day at the dentist office. I had a small gap in my teeth because when I got my braces off when I was 16, I didn't wear my retainer like I should. I never paid much attention to this gap until I started going to a different dentist a few months ago. He asked me if the gap bothered me? I was like, "what gap?" Ever since he mentioned it, "the gap" is all I can see when I smile. So, I decided to get it fixed. I'm not sure if I like the result. He used resin to fix it and that tooth looks asymmetrical now. Oh well, I guess I'm stuck with it! Here's a before and after:


After Closeup

So, I'm going to another concert tonight. I swear I usually don't go out this much! My boss needed someone to go to a concert with him, and it is a band that I love (Menomena), so I just HAD to go! I only have 1 more concert after this one, so I'm going to be a good wife and mommy and stay home for awhile after that one! LOL! I'm wearing the Hanhaba Dress today with suede boots. I didn't take outfit pics since I've worn that dress a couple of times now. Instead, I'm posting some review leftovers from last week. Enjoy!

Eze Sur Mer Top ($48). I' ve been wanting a cute striped tee, so I decided to give this one a try. This is a size small, and I think the fit is a little too tight. Maybe in a medium I would really like this, but I found so many other things that I had to have on this shopping trip so this one was not a keeper. The draping pleats and buttons along the sleeves make this one special, though. Wishlisted!
Outdoor Cafe Cardigan (now $50). One of the SA's had this sweater on with leggings and boots. I really liked it on her, so I decided to try in on. This is a small, and the only complaint I have is the the sleeves were super tight. At the former price, this was a deal breaker, but now that this sweater has gone on sale, I 'm seriously thinking about ordering it in a medium.
Curtain Call Top ($88). This is such a pretty little tee! I love the color and draping on this one! This is a size medium and though I think it would look awesome under cardigans with skinny jeans and boots, this top is too expensive for a layering piece. I will consider it come sale time.Montpellier Top ($78). I loved this one when I saw it online, so I was excited to try it on in the store. The small fit ok, but there was something just a little off about the fit. The neck was a little too wide and the sleeves were kinda tight. For $78, this top just didn't knock me out.
Peppered and Striped Skirt ($128). This skirt has looked good on so many bloggers that I had to give it a try myself. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me at all. This is a size 8, and the waist fit uncomfortable high and the waistband was itchy. I realize tucking a shirt in could eliminate the itchiness, but this skirt had other problems. The bottom half of the skirt was incredibly flared on me, making me look wider than I am through the hips. I just didn't care for this skirt on me at all!

Floral Frappe Top ($58). I tried this top on in several different colors and ended up purchasing the green. Here's one of the other colors I tried on, lilac. This was my second favorite colorway in this top. This is a size medium.
Merriment Tee ($68). The color is what drew me to this tee. This is a size medium, and I think it fit pretty good. However, I'm not digging the "stuff" all over it, so this one was a pass for me.
Slanted Plaid Blouse ($88). I tried this on a few weeks ago in a size 6, but I had a problem with the buttons pulling, so I decided to try it on again in a size 8. The buttons stilled pulled a little bit. Honestly, I couldn't tell much difference between this one and the size 6. I like this blouse, so if I ever get it, I think I will need to size up to a 10.



  1. Anthropologie sizing lately is driving me insane. I ordered the birds dress in two sizes and honestly couldn't tell the difference. Just really poorly manufactured pieces in terms of sizing. How disappointing huh?

  2. Your teeth look lovely!! :) I think any sort of change takes a little getting used to - I remember having to adjust to my teeth when I got my braces off at age 11. (True story: I am still wearing my retainer every night 16+ years later...HA! They still move - crazy, huh?)

    I am excited to see a review of the Montpellier Top!! I've been very curious about that one. What a bummer that you weren't too pleased with the Peppered skirt....I actually think it is super cute on you!

  3. I've always liked that last top. The color combination on it is adorable!

  4. My builder put the outside lights too high when he built this house. I told him, and he said, "Oh, that'll go away." Not: I'll fix it. It made me so mad! But seven years later, he wins. I never notice anymore. It went away.

    Your tooth looking odd? "Oh, that'll go away."

    (I don't see anything strange with the tooth. You always look pretty.)



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