OOTN: Floral Frappe Top

Good evening! I had a great time at the Menomena concert last night! If you have not heard this band, you seriously don't know what you are missing. They are fan-freakin-tastic! I didn't get in until 2 am, so 6 am came real early for me this morning! I threw on some jeans and a concert T-shirt I bought last night, so I didn't take any outfit pictures this morning. However, the husband and I went on a "date night", so I got him to snap a few pics before we left. I wore the Floral Frappe Top with Pilcro trouser jeans and a purse from The Limited. I'm only 1 away from 100 followers, so I decided to change the look of the blog for the occasion. I will also be announcing a contest on Monday, so stay tuned for that! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Purse: The Limited
Earrings: Urban Outfitters



  1. I love Menomena. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Bonnie - you are amazing!! You go girl!!

  3. ohmygosh, i had no idea the limited has such wonderful handbags! i used to work there a gazillion years ago in college, and they never had purses that yummy...i'm going to have to pop in next time :)

  4. You do know you have 176 subscribers on Google Reader? I was one and wanted to help you reach 100 "followers" :) I guess it would be hard for you to tell if any are duplicates, as I am now. I usually don't like following publicly due to internet privacy etc. but I enjoy your blog! Nice outfit and lovely colors.

  5. Hi Bonnie, I just love your new header/colour scheme. The picture is sheer perfection, so simple yet such a stand out snap! It looks like you are on a stage of some kind. Great stuff.

    We still don't have the Floral Frappe top on the UK site so I'm very jealous that you are rocking yours already :O)
    Have a great weekend! Louise

  6. Bonnie, love the new header! Thanks for mentioning Menomena- I hadn't heard of them before and just checked them out. I like what I hear, and they're cute!

  7. Bonnie, that header is absolutely beautiful and stands out among many other blogs. It makes me want to buy that dress even more!

  8. Love the details on this top...you look great!

  9. Tien: It's was a really great concert. There were 2 opening bands and they were both good! I just felt really old because it was mostly college students there. LOL!

    Liz: Thanks for being number 100! Love you, girl!

    PuppyLovePrincess: Yeah, everyone once in a while they will have a great bag.

    Anon: Wow! 176? That's awesome. Thanks so much for following me in both places! I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

    Louise: Thanks! I used Paintshop for the new header, so I'm getting fancier! LOL! I hope the Floral Frappe top comes to the UK soon so you can get your hands on one!

    Dea: Oooh! I love it when I can introduce someone to a new band. Friend and Foe is my favorite album. Keep listening to it! It gets better and better with every listen! I'm just starting to really get into the new album, Mines. Yes, they are cute! One of the band members sold me my t-shirt and I had no idea who he was until he got on stage. OMG! I felt so stupid! I was asking him whether I should get a small or medium earlier! LOL!

    Cosmo cowgirl: Thanks! I'm not real skilled at editing photos, but I was proud of myself for adding some text to this one! LOL!


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