OOTD: Crocheted Clouds Dress

Hello everyone! It was down right cold this morning in my neck of the woods! I'm actually loving it, though! Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I love the cooler weather! I'm wearing one of my new purchases from last week, the Crocheted Clouds Dress. I absolutely love this dress! Even though I paid full price for it, I don't care cause I love it that much! I paired it with 2 other Anthropologie items, the Looping Lanes Belt and the Blooming Lattice Cardigan.

Since I'm really digging this outfit today, I decided to call up my photographer friend downstairs and see if he wanted to do a photo shoot. We walked down to Herritage Landing, a cute little shopping area and found lots of interesting places to take photos. I especially like the ones in front of the "stage." I have no idea what purpose that little fence is suppose to have, but it made a good picture.

I'm wearing my dark brown Frye boots, and it's amazing how easy they go on now! I couldn't even get my feet in them when I first got them. Boy, they stretch out fast! I ended up not buying anything at the sale yesterday. I've gone a little crazy lately with the shopping! I might get something next week if the items I'm interested in are still available. However, I'm hoping that waiting till next week will have the same effect as carrying an item around in the store - once I carry it around a little while, I decide I don't have to have it!

Dress: Anthropologie Crocheted Clouds Dress

Cardigan: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan

Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. Your boots are beautiful! I love the dress with it. I didn't buy anything from the sale yesterday, so don't feel like you're the only one. I'm saving up for a pair of boots, and I am having some expensive dental work.

    Just remember Anthro will always have beautiful things--beautiful things that will go on sale!

  2. Beautiful pics Bonnie and photography is very good. I loved the second picture.

  3. So lucky you have a photographer friend. My "friend" photographer wants to be charged! Blah. I love the dress on you. You've purchased some great items lately. :)

  4. i am DYING for the crocheted clouds dress. it looks fantastic on you!

    btw, i wanted to thank you for the tip about streetmoda. i bought the brown paige boots ($235 including shipping thanks to a coupon code)! i have been looking for brown boots, but most of the stores only sell the paige in the shinier, near-black brown, and i really wanted the more distressed brown. it seemed like yours were the color i wanted, so i ordered. they came today and i LOVE them!!!

  5. Very pretty! I love the pictures with the blue wall. They are amazing. You look great in that dress.

  6. These photos are simply gorgeous Bonnie! I love your photoshoots!
    The Crocheted Clouds Dress looks amazing on you - I wish the color didn't blend in with my skin and hair!

  7. Tien: Thanks! I love those boots you're saving up for! They are definitely worth it! Dental work is so expensive. I'm having a gap between my teeth filled in tomorrow.

    Cosmo cowgirl: Thanks! The second pic was my idea. The photographer was skeptical about it, but it turned out good.

    Cindi: I am soooo thankful for my photographer! He is awesome!

    cmf221: I'm so happy you got the boots at Street Moda because of my blog! It looks like they are sold out of the Paige boots there now. Hmm...I wonder if I had something to do with that. LOL!

    Lorraine: Thanks! I've never noticed this wall, but the photographer thought it would make a good photo. I was skeptical, but I love the way they turned out. So many different textures are going on in that picture!

    Kim: Thanks! I thought the dress looked awesome on you! You could put a cardigan over it to add some color. You should give it another try!

  8. Wow, you look so awesome in your new dress! Also, you are making Kinston look AMAZING!!

  9. What a fun photo shoot! That outfit looks great on you and I love the way the collar on the cardigan compliments the crocheted dress.

  10. This is another stunning photo shoot. I agree with Debbie that the Blooming Lattice works perfectly with the Crocheted Clouds Dress. What a perfect fall outfit! I think the shot next to the flowers is my favorite -- how stunning!

  11. This outfit is so lovely Bonnie! I love all the pieces working together. And the photographs are beautiful! :)

  12. Oh my oh my! This is just lovely Bonnie (i notice you're a regular on Anthroholic's reader outfits). Beautiful shots. I absolutely love the combo, and love that dress on you.You carry this off so well. Very Anthro catalogue-esque!
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