OOTD: Yee Haw!

Happy Friday! I wish I felt better. This cold is just lingering what seems like forever. I have a terrible headache and sore throat. I didn't get to leave work early the other day, so I think I might try to leave early today. It's been another stressful week, and I really think I just need some rest!

So, I got my hair colored yesterday, and it is definitely red this time. I really like it! I think it is a pretty color for Fall. Today, I'm wearing an Odille blouse I found on Ebay over the summer. I've been waiting for Fall to wear it, so I thought today would be a good day as I think the color looks good with my new hair. I don't wear alot of plaid, but I just love the color combo in this plaid and the ruffle detail around the neckline. It even has a little lace at the bottom of the hem on the sides. I wasn't planning on wearing a belt with it, but it just felt like it was missing something, so I tried the Looping Lanes Belt over it, and I liked the way it looked. I feel very western today! Yee Haw! LOL!

Top: Anthropologie Odille Blouse via Ebay

Jeans: Gap Vintage Flare Jeans

Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Shoes: Rocket Dog Lisbon Sandals

Bracelet: Owl Bracelet from Target



  1. I just love the new hair!!! It's so vibrant..almost wakes up your whole face! :)

  2. Love how the blue blouse brings out the blue in your eyes!

  3. HI,
    I just discovered you blog and really like the looks you put together. I have the plaid top you are wearing and I think I'm going to take a cue from you and try belting it. I agree, it adds a needed "something" to it.

  4. Blue goes well with your face and eyes...fefe

  5. Cindi: Thanks! I'm lovin' it too!

    Diem: Thanks! My eyes are actually green, but this top makes them look blue.

    Melanie: Welcome! I'm so glad you found me! It makes me so happy that I gave you an idea on how to style this blouse! That is the whole reason I do this blog!

    FeFe: Thanks girl!


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