OOTD: Southward Stop Shirtdress

Good morning! I'm feeling better today, but still not 100%. I'm really tired of having itchy eyes and a runny nose! I'm thankful I'm getting this over with before my trip next week, though! Today, I'm wearing yet another new purchase. I've been really bad lately! I'm so so glad there was nothing I had to have on sale this week! I tried this dress on a couple of weeks ago in my store and really liked it. I think the print is super cute and the dress is very comfortable and flattering. So, I decided last week to go ahead and order it online. This is a size 8. It pulls just a tiny bit in the chest area, but it's not a deal breaker. I definitely couldn't size up in this because I have more than enough room in the waist and hips. I wasn't sure what shoes I was going to wear with this, but when I walked into my closet this morning, my raspberry pumps were still out from yesterday, and I thought they were a perfect match for this dress. There are berries on the dress that are the same color as the shoes! I pulled it all together with the Lap Around Belt.

For those of you who commented on my hair yesterday, this is what it looks like when I "fix" it. I washed it this morning, blow dried it, and straightened it with a flat iron. Tomorrow, my hair will be curly because I will sleep on it tonight and the natural curl will come out. So, tomorrow will be a easy hair day for me, because I won't have to do a thing to it! But, just so you know, I do have to put some effort into it the first day after washing it to get the pretty curl the second day. If I didn't staighten it, it would look like the last picture which is more of a frizzy curl. Alot of people say they like the frizzy curl when I wear it like that, but I'm not a fan.

Au Naturale Hair

Dress: Anthropologie Southward Stop Shirtdress

Belt: Anthropologie Lap Around Belt

Shoes: Madden Girl Upscale Pump



  1. Ahh love love love the dress!!! I'm so glad all the girls are blogging about this....giving me ideas on how to wear mine. I have natural straight hair so of course I like to curl it but never have the time. Ugh! Love your hair today!

  2. Yay for Southward Stop! Looks fab. Mine should be shipped tomorrow.. fingers crossed!

    I haven't noticed your au naturel curly hair before, I know it takes effort but wowsers it looks nice both ways. You are so lucky to be able to do lots of things with your hair!

  3. wow I really like it with that striped belt! I'm not sure I would have thought of that. I like your hair both ways. To me, it's kinda neat that your hair is very mercurial. Mine pretty much does nothing besides lay there being straight and boring.

  4. Beautiful and elegant dress. Somehow in the close up your eyes really popped! Way to go. .. FeFe

  5. love this outfit and love your hair both ways!


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