OOTD: Sick Day

It's been a weird Monday. My little girl had a doctor's appointment this morning, so the plan was to take her to that and then go into work. Her appointment went well, but on the drive back home, I started feeling really bad. My husband is home sick today, and I think he has given me whatever he has. I ache all over, and I can't stop sneezing! Needless to say, I didn't go into work today. So my husband, my little girl, and I have been lounging around all day. Too bad I can't enjoy this day off. I'm just miserable! My boys have homework tonight, so I'm not looking forward to doing that with them, feeling like I do. Sorry to be such a downer! I do have an outfit of the day for you, though. I'm wearing the Hanhaba Dress. This dress just went on sale last week. I bought it at full price back in August. I highly recommend it. It is so comfortable, and I love that the skirt portion has a double layer so it's not see-through. I had to size down to a small in this dress. My shoes are the Seychelles Get Outta Town Sandals. I've gotten alot of wear out of these. Well, I'm going to go do some homework and then try to get some rest. Have a great night!



  1. This dress looks so great on you, Bonnie!! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well - hopefully some rest this evening will be just what you need :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!! You look super cute for being sick! =)

  3. Aww hope you feel better! Don't you hate it when you have to call in sick and you're really sick? Haha. Sick days are way more fun when it's pretend sick!

  4. get well soon! I'm with cindi, it stinks to call in sick when you ARE sick!!! ugh!
    But for not being at 100% you look great!

  5. Feel better! You look great, anyway. I have that dress too & love it.

  6. You look great Bonnie. Feel better soon!

  7. Erin: Thanks! I feel a little better today!

    Jenni: Thanks! I took these pics before I started feeling bad.

    Cindi: I agree! I would much rather spend my sick days being "pretend sick."

    Pamela: Thanks! I was feeling pretty good when these pics were taken so that explains it.

    Annie: Thanks! Isn't this dress great? I can't understand why it isn't getting more love.

    Dea: Thanks girl!

  8. You look so good in the Hanhaba dress. I so regret not getting it now.


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