OOTD: On the Road Again

Happy Monday! This has been a true Monday so far. I was rushing to get my kids to school, got in the car, and it wouldn't start - battery dead. Thank goodness for my mom. She was able to jump start me. Also, it's been raining cats and dogs which is a good thing because we needed it, but it sure is messy. I'm leaving soon to drive to D.C., so it looks like I got a rainy drive ahead of me. Since, I'll be in the car all day, I wanted to wear something very comfortable. I decided on a blouse and sweater from Old Navy and jeans from Gap. I'm really looking forward to trying on lots of stuff at Anthro! I especially hope they have the Snowy Egret Shift. I'm dying to try that on! Sorry for the super dark pics at my house. It was so dark outside this morning! Hopefully, the next time you hear from me, it will be from my hotel room in D.C. Have a great day!

Blouse: Old Navy

Cardigan: Old Navy

Jeans: Gap Long and Lean Jeans

Shoes: Civico 10 Spigi Wedge Pump



  1. Safe drive. Might have given you a little nomination for best photography ; )

  2. Thanks Louise! Got some reviews coming tonight!


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