OOTD: Hanhaba Dress

My business trip is drawing to a close. I leave tomorrow afternoon to go back to small town life. I plan on going to Anthro one more time this afternoon to purchase the Bianka Blouse and to try on some more clothes to review for you, my dear readers. I'm sure when I walk in, the sales assistants are going to say "There's that crazy girl again." LOL! Today, I'm wearing my purchase from yesterday, the Hanhaba Dress. In case you haven't noticed, when I get something new, I wear it right away! I've discussed this with the girls that I work with and we have determined that there are 2 kinds a people when it comes to buying new clothes: ones who wear the new clothes right away and ones who let them sit in the bag for a few weeks, savoring the new purchase as long as possible, and then finally wear them. I'm definitely the former. This dress is so soft and comfortable. I feel like I have nothing on. I LOVE the belt! So boho chic! I paired it with simple thong sandals and silver jewelry. I especially like the bracelet with this.

Dress: Anthropologie Hanhaba Dress

Shoes: Old Navy Faux Leather Thong Sandals

Bracelet, Ring, and Hair Pin: The Limited



  1. Looks great on you!! I'm just like you - I can't wait to wear a new purchase!! It's a rarity that I wait longer than the next day to wear it, haha :)

  2. That dress looks fantastic on you! Which is great for you but lousy for me, because now I think I'm going to have to add it to my already groaning wishlist.



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