OOTD: Flower Power

Happy Sale Day readers! Well, I made it through 2 school orientations and a dance class yesterday. I don't think I sat down until 10 pm last night. When we got home, my youngest son decided to get two eggs out of the refrigerator and crack them all over the kitchen! It was a big mess and took me forever to clean up! Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of trying for one more child - I must be crazy! LOL! The kids start school tomorrow, so this morning was my last morning to just quietly and calmly get myself ready. Tomorrow all hell breaks loose! I'm sure it seems like I'm complaining, but I actually love the craziness that is my life! Anyway, today I'm wearing alot of flowers. I have flowers on my sweater, a flower in my hair, and flowers on my shoes. I got this little sweater from Old Navy, and I love it! This is a size medium, so it fits true to size. It comes in several colors, but I like this gray color the best. Did anyone get anything at the sale today? I ordered the Speckled Eggs Cardi, and I'm thinking about getting the Circle the Globe skirt in navy. Tomorrow, I plan on wearing another one of my sale purchases from Anthro last week. I think it is my favorite thing I got, so stayed tuned for that!

P.S. A little munchkin made it into one of my photos this morning. ;-)

Sweater: Old Navy Cropped Rosette Cardigan

Pants: The Limited Cassidy Flares

Shoes: Pink Studio Bonnie Peep Toe Pumps

Hair Pin: The Limited



  1. I'm thinking about the circle the globe skirt in navy as well. I was hoping to snag it in a different color, but I believe that is all that is left. I'm trying to use some self control this weeke and not buy anything...I have been on a shopping frenzy this past month! Definitely taking advantage of all the free shipping!

  2. Haha your son's so cute. I love that cardigan! I bet it was a really good price too being from old navy. I ordered the circle the globe skirt this morning in the navy! :)

  3. Loving all the flowers you've got going on today...super cute cardi and shoes especially! I know what you mean about the craziness of life...it keeps me ticking!

  4. that is the cutest shot - the angle of you in the mirror, combined with your munchkin peeking out? Too cute! (gorgeous sweater, btw)

  5. Isn't funny how much our kids can drive us crazy but at the end of the day we woulnd't have it any other way. Good luck on trying for another.

    Your little munchkin is so adorable, how old is he?
    BTW, love your OOTD.

  6. Super cute outfit, and your son is SO adorable - sneaky sneaky!! I am trying to hold back on the sale but would love to find the Circle the Globe skirt in black somewhere!

  7. what a fun pic!

    I love the flowers sprinkled throughout your outfit~

  8. Thanks ladies! The munchkin is actually my little girl! I can see how you all would think she is a boy, though. She looks just like my husband! LOL! She just turned 3.

  9. Oooh, I'm going to have to stop by Old Navy sometime soon and check out their cardigans because that one is really cute. Love all the flowers in your outfit!

  10. That is the most adorable little surprise peeking out from behind the mirror. Such a sweetie. As usual, loving your outfit and all the florals.

  11. I love the floral cardigan, Bonnie. And your daughter is so adorable! I love it when children make it into some of the OOTD shots.

    I loved the Speckled Eggs cardigan but made myself hold out -- but I may just change my mind.

    Hope your day today is a little less busy!

  12. That little face peeking around the side of the mirror may be the cutest thing ever! And I love all the flowers in this outfit :)


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