OOTD: Circle the Globe in a Flight of Fancy

My husband and I went out on the farm for another "photo shoot" today. He's becoming quite the photographer! The corn is going to be picked this week, so I knew I had to get some shots in front of the corn before it's gone. I'm wearing the Flight of Fancy Top again, but this time with the Circle the Globe skirt. I'm just hanging out at home today and getting ready to go to the grocery store. So, not much going on today. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Hat: Aerie



  1. These are so cute! Love the hat!

  2. I love all your outdoor shots. Everything looks good, but the third one is exceptional. Congrats to hubby.
    P.S. Is it too much to ask if you add some additional stories about the background, i. e., about your farm? Sorry, I've always been fascinated with farms, fresh air and nature stuff.

  3. Annie: Thanks girl!

    Jenni: Thanks! That's my "farmer" hat! LOL!

    Marie: I'd be glad to add some stories about the farm. I guess I should have thought of that! Next time, I promise!

  4. The fourth photo is AWESOME! Love your hair - and this outfit shows your teeny waist. Nice job (both you and your photographer hubby!)

  5. I love looking at your pics! In addition to the great outfits, your outdoor shots are so interesting! Great job!!

  6. These pictures are great! And that outfit really looks amazing on you! LOVE the hat!


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