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Dress: Anthropologie Arcata Patchwork Dress
Boots: Frye Melissa Button Boots
Earrings: Anthropologie Fringed Tambourine Hoops
Ring: Anthropologie Quercus Ring

"Let it happen..." - Tame Impala

So, I went to this little festival called Bonnaroo a couple of weeks ago and camped out with a bunch of like minded dirty hippies for 5 days and came back with a renewed spirit and love for life. I know. It's probably the cliche' thing that happens to everyone at their first music festival, and I'm pretty sure reality will bring me back down from this "radiate positivity" high I'm on right now, but fuck it, I'm going with it.

 As my most loyal reader {cough stalker}, Richard Brooks, has pointed out to me, I have broken my own record of blogging absence and have not posted a thing in over 100 days. Well, I'm here to say "I'm back, bitches!" I'm feeling inspired and ready to take some narcissistic pics and write a shit ton of introspective drivel. Plus, I've got to do something with all these age inappropriate clothes I bought for that damn festival...

 I've even given the old blog a much needed makeover. Yes, the header pubes of lore are gone, replaced with flowers. Say something about flowers, motherfucker. Also, I remember now why I haven't touched the layout in 5 years. I could literally feel the peace and love vibes leaving my body as I struggled with that son of a bitch of all websites, Blogger - but it's free. So, if you got a problem with the new layout, fuck you.

 How appropriate that for a post titled "Reboot", I am wearing boots. How inappropriate that for a post during the first week of Summer, I am wearing boots. Oh well, it's a start.



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