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Boots: Frye Melissa Button Boots

"Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days..." - twenty one pilots

I figured I'd better post an outfit before newcomers think this is a damn Halloween blog, so here you go - my first true Fall outfit of the year. The Fall Wedding one doesn't count because that dress was paper thin, and I was wearing open-toed shoes. I just looked it up, and Winter starts December 22, so I've got exactly one month to make up for my lack of outfit posts during my favorite time of the year. It just hasn't gotten consistently cold here yet. I've literally worn flip flops one day and boots the next. Yes, I'm going to blame my lack of posts on the weather, because it surely isn't due to my shitty blogging skills.

Anyway, it finally got cold enough on this particular day to break out the Frye boots and a new cozy dress. This dress is one of those rare beasts - a sweater weight dress that doesn't feel like a tobacco sheet. For you city slickers, that's the extremely rough and itchy material that cured tobacco is wrapped in to take to market. I used to love to go to the tobacco warehouse with my "deddy" and sit on a sheet of tobacco, drinking a Pepsi while the auctioneer walked by spouting his gibberish. For some reason, the feel of tobacco sheets didn't bother me much back then, but now, I don't want that mess anywhere near my skin. This dress is super soft and warm, and it hugs my curves beautifully without being too tight. And the earrings...have I told you about the earrings? I've had them for a few weeks now, and I've already found several different outfits that they go with perfectly, none more so than this one. 

This door has been a favorite photo shoot location of ours for some time now, so I was disappointed to see that the glass had been broken. However, once I saw the photos, I thought the broken glass actually added something. I mean, I, myself, am certainly not as pristine as I was a few years ago. Life will do that to you. I'm 20 pounds heavier (still not a size 16 GOMI) and have a lot of my own "broken things." There has been quite a bit of renovation of buildings going on downtown the past couple of years. Many of the run down locations we used to use for shoots have been revitalized. This broken glass may be just what this door needs to get a new fa├žade. Of course, it could just get boarded up like so many others. Here's hoping that the next time I visit this door, we will both be in a better state.

I freaking love this song. Anthem of my life.



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