After last year's Halloween party was over, the first thing I said to myself was, "Never again." I had put so much planning and money into it to only have 4 people out of the 100 I invited come. Anytime the subject came up over the last year, Jerry would tell me that I didn't have many people because I had the party on the actual day of Halloween. I was pretty sure it was because people just don't like me. Whatever the reason, I stayed resolute in my decision to never throw another Halloween party again. And then September came and catalogs with Halloween costumes and decorations starting pouring into the mail...and I suddenly found myself planning another Halloween party. "It'll be different this time," I told myself. "I'll have it the day before Halloween." I was starting to sound like that guy in Pet Semetary who keeps bringing his loved ones back to life even though he knows they are going to come back evil as fuck.

This year's turn out was slightly better. I had 8 people, twice as many as last year, and those 8 people were freaking awesome. We had ourselves a good old time. However, the amount of stress this year's party put on me (or I should say I put on myself) was not so good. I had a full blown panic attack the night before the party. I'm not sure why. I think it was the perfect storm of a bad cold, my period, and the party. Anyway, I'm pretty sure this year's party was the last one ever...I mean it this time...  

The Invitation

 Just Chillin' Before the Party
No, not really. I knew I would be too stressed and busy to get good quality pics of my costume the day of the party, so we had a dress rehearsal a few days before. Hence, the pics in my last post.

 One of my new Halloween decoration acquisitions this year was the "Enter If You Dare" Luminaries from Grandin Road. I did a homemade version last year because they had sold out, but this year I had the real deal. The bags themselves are really nice quality, but one of the bag's lights did go out on Halloween night. Apparently, if one of the lights goes, they all go. I thought they didn't make lights like that anymore?!? Anyway, I was able to find the culprit and get them back up and running. One Grandin Road product that did elude me this year was the Window Crasher Ghosts. I tried to purchase them a full 2 months before Halloween but they were already sold out. I thought they would look so awesome in my upstairs windows. Maybe next year... 
 We made 2 Jack-O-Lanterns with the kids this year. Jerry did the a cat one with my daughter, Kiley. I did a Freddy Fazbear with my son, Hudson. How'd I do?
Yeah, I suck.

 The Spread
I went a lot easier on the food front this year. Those witches fingers cookies were a pain in the ass last year and nobody ate them. This year was all about the balls: cheese balls, meatballs, and cake balls, oh my!

Brain Punch
This is the same punch as last year except instead of eyeballs floating around in it, there is a frozen brain. I thought that worked well with our zombie theme. I got a brain mold and froze some of the punch in it. Easy, peasy.

Cake Eyeballs
Jerry has become quite the cake ball chef. They are his go-to for pot lucks now. So, it was a no-brainer that I would have him make them for the party. Of course, we put a Halloween twist on them and made them look like eyeballs with some gel icing and mini M&M's.

Deez Nuts Bowl - Got 'em!
I saw this Nut Bowl in Target early in the Halloween season. I told myself I would come back for it, but when I did, it was no where to be found in the store. After 20 minutes of searching, I found the last one in the store on a random shelf. I did a little dance in the middle of Target. It doesn't take much to get me excited.

Alcoholic Beverages
'Nuff Said.

I went with a veggie tray this year over the chips and guacamole. It was a hit. In fact, all the food was a hit. I reprised the Spider Cheese Ball from last year, and Jerry made some of his famous meatballs that I stuck little Bat toothpicks into for some Halloween flare. 

Shot in the Arm
I mixed it up for the Tempt Your Fate game penalty shots this year. Two of the shots were just your standard issue Fireballs, but three of them were a nasty little concoction called a Brain Hemorrhage. Jerry had one and he said they didn't taste bad but that the texture was really gross. Glad I didn't have to try one. Texture gets me every single time. I stuck with the eyeballs.

Let them eat cake...eyeballs.

Game Station
We played 3 games this year: Tempt Your Fate, Die in the Wink of an Eye, and an out of the box game called Curses. I think Curses was the biggest hit. I highly recommend it for your next party. As with most things, the drunker you are, the better it is.

 Family Portraits
 I displayed the family portraits that were the inspiration for our costumes on the game station.

Speaking of which, introducing their majesties, Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. 
Back from the dead and better than ever:



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