Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

I had a chance to visit the new store in my area again this past weekend, and this time I managed to arrive early enough to snap some pics for reviews. So, here ya go:
Windward Dress ($178)  This is definitely a gasp worthy dress on the hanger, but sadly, my lovely lady lumps proved too much for it to handle. You pretty much have to be flat chested to wear this thing. I sized up to a 10 and my boobs were still packed in like sardines. Also, can I just vent for a minute about my utter disdain for built in slips? By the time you figure out how to get your arms and head through all the different holes, 5 minutes has gone by and you're a sweaty, hot mess. Once you cool off and are able to take a look at it in the mirror, you realize the slip part is all kinds of crooked up in there. After fighting with the cursed slip for a few more minutes, you are finally dressed, but you are so hot and frustrated, all you want to do is take the damn thing off! Pass!  

Rubus Maxi Dress ($168) Jeweled-toned maxi dress? Yes, please. Weird mesh fabric? Not so much. I had a few problems with this dress. To start, it's one low cut motherfucker. I looked in the mirror and the first thing I said to myself was, "Bewbs!" They are out there in all their glory in this dress. Secondly, it's a tad bit long to wear with flats, and I pretty much always wear flats with maxi's. Who am I kidding? I'm old. I pretty much wear flats, period. The last problem was the pantyhose-esque material I mentioned earlier. I can see myself going postal on some people if forced to wear this dress in hot, humid conditions. Still, with all those problems, I loved it. I love the pattern and the colors are really awesome on me. So, here's what I did: I ordered the petite version in a medium, and I plan on wearing a camisole underneath. I figure with the darker colors, this dress can take me through the Fall with a nice denim jacket. Purchased.   

Pelona Shirtdress ($118)  Green dress, great fit, good price - sold! I got this one in a size medium and not a minute too soon. We had some of our hottest temperatures this week, and this dress came in real handy. In addition to being easy to throw on, it was cool, comfortable, and still work appropriate. Purchased.

Manen Top ($48)  I was drawn to this top by the color, but took one look at the shape and decided to pass it by. However, Jerry stopped me and said, "You're not going to try that on? I think it would look good on you." So, I took this into the fitting room for him, and see? I was right. No bueno. I tried this in a size small. Oh, and did I mention that I was right? Pass.

Tassel-Fringe Tank ($68)  This top had that hippie vibe to it that is my bread and butter, so back to the fitting room it went. Once I got it on, though, I just wasn't feeling it. The little tassels on the front looked weird to me, and the fit of the medium was just off. Pass. 

Olvera Tank ($78)  This was the first item I saw when I walked into the door. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but once I got it on, I was smitten. I tried on a medium, and the fit was spectacular. It's surprisingly slimming for a swingy top. I don't wear many corals and pinks, so I felt like this would be a good piece to have in my closet. It's a welcome departure from all the blues I've been buying lately. Purchased. 

Anatole Tank ($88)  Jerry strikes again. I picked this top up in the store and instantly knew it wouldn't work on me, but Jerry insisted that I try it on, know how this story goes... (everybody say it along with me) I was right. I believe this is a size medium, and well, it just looks like a big lace box to me. Also, the cutouts at the bottom remind me of a court jester's hat. Pass.

Scrollwork Maxi Dress ($138)  Man, did this dress throw me for a loop size wise. When I held it up and looked at it, it looked like even a size large would be too small for me. This thing looks tiny on the hanger. Once I tried it on, though, I realized that I needed a medium. The medium is the one you are seeing in the photo above. I think it looked smaller than normal on the hanger because the top part of the dress cuts in around the shoulder area so much. I thought this dress was fabulous, and I have a cross back bra that would work great with it. However, I have so many maxi dresses and the majority of them are blue, so I just couldn't justify purchasing another one. Reluctant Pass.  

Tulipan Tank Dress ($49.95)  This looked like it would be a comfy little dress, and I really liked the crisscross strap detail in the back. Oh, and of course, it's blue. Blue is quickly becoming the new green for me. This is a size medium, and I thought it fit pretty good. I don't know, though. I just wasn't wowed by this dress. I know that it's meant to be gussied up with accessories and such, but I just didn't feel like I needed it in my closet. Shit, I don't really NEED anything in my closet, but you know what I mean. Pass.



  1. Thanks for the reviews! Great choices. You look beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the reviews Bonnie! Always super helpful =)
    Love the first dress on you and everything you purchased too!
    Where the is the blue tye dye skirt from you are wearing?
    Have a lovely evening :0) ♥

  3. Good choice on the Rubus Maxi dress.

  4. I LOVE your reviews! I like that you 'tell it how it is' and don't gush about some ugly-ass dress just because it's from a famous designer or there is a dumbass animal all over it ("ooh! Look! It has endangered chickens all over this blouse! So cute! Have to have it" Whatever). Thank you--you're gorgeous and you're real.

  5. Thanks for the reviews! I have to say I still like the look of Windward dress on you and I'm definitely waiting for that one to go on sale. Nothing really wows me lately except few cardigans and Windward dress, I'll probably remove buid-in slip and may remove the back cape, every review had the same problem with it.

    On another unrelated note, my city is getting Anthro this September, I can't hardly wait however we'll have higher prices on stuff here in Canada but at least I will able to try before purchasing anything. I'm very excited and hopefully we will have one of those famous parties at our store, just wishful thinking.


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