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"Obstacles they come and go, that’s the name of this game you know." - Matisyahu 

One month later...'s it going? Yeah, I know. I've got a lot of nerve showing my sorry face back here after a whole month of nothing. I've got no excuse other than life, man - life and it's crazy obstacles. May was a blur of dance recitals, birthday parties, and work catastrophes. Things have settled down a bit for now, so here I am during my first free moment in weeks.

I almost didn't buy this dress. As you may or may not know, May is my birthday month. (Whew! That was a lot of "may's" in one sentence.) So, I had a couple of Anthropologie birthday discount cards burning a hole in my pocket. A couple because Jerry's birthday month just happens to be in May too, and of course, he signed up for the Anthro club just for mwah. Man knows where his bread is buttered...

Anyway, I was all excited about my 15% off and then Anthro decided to offer free shipping, and I got even more excited. However, my excitement turned to frustration, when I discovered I could only take advantage of one promo code on my order. I went with the 15% off because it offered more monetary value, but to really up the value of my discount and lessen the sting of no free shipping, I threw this dress in my cart at the last minute. You know, cause nothing says, "Fuck you Anthro!" like buying even more merchandise from them. Usually I stalk dresses for weeks or months before purchasing them, but this one wasn't on my radar at all. Something made me take notice of it at the last minute, maybe it was the bold geometric print, and I thought, "What the hell," and went for it.

Like any seasoned shopper, I read the reviews after I placed my order, and I was pretty sure I had ordered the wrong size. Most of the reviewers said to "size down," but I had purchased my usual size 8. I was skeptical as I retrieved the dress from my mailbox and took it out of the packaging, but once I got it on, I discovered that this baby fit like a glove. "Size down," my ass...or maybe my ass is just bigger than I thought.

12. Obstacles - www.CdsParaBaixar.Org by Matisyahu | www.CdsParaBaixar.Org on Grooveshark



  1. Hahaha! I still love you!

  2. Super Pretty on you! You look awesome girl.

  3. Could we please have the annual State Of The Garden report?


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