Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Well, here they are! The reviews I promised 2 weeks ago. Yeah, I suck, but let me tell you something you didn't already know...

Galapa Split Tank ($58) with Level 99 Linen Shorts ($68)  I loved this tank so much I couldn't decide which pattern to take back to the fitting room with me, so I took all three. As you know from my last outfit post, I ended up getting the more conservative black and white print. I didn't have anything against the other two prints. I just thought I'd get more wear out of the more neutral one. Also, I loved it with these green linen shorts from Level 99. I can't say enough good things about these shorts. If I had to come up with one negative, it would be that the cuffs come undone easily. Other than that one small issue, these are the perfect Summer shorts - loose, lightweight, and the perfect length. I loved them so much that I ended purchasing them in green and grey in a size 30. I purchased the top in a size medium.

Jaipur Jumper ($98)  I tried this equivalent of an adult onesie on for a good laugh. If I'm being honest, I was hoping by some miracle I would look hot in it, because I secretly love rompers. They are just so darn cute on all those skinny little models. On me...not so much. This is a size medium and I guess it fit, but the thunder thighs/high waters look was not doing it for me. Pass.  

Floral Vignette Dress ($168)  I ooohed and aaahed at this dress on the hanger, but it was just a lifeless sack on my body. I'm not one to shy away from sack dresses for sack dresses sake, but this one was more along the lines of a sad sack rather than a happy sack. I tried it on in a size 8, and I thought the fit was good through the arms and chest. I'm regretting not trying a belt on with it now, because looking at it in this picture from the front view only, I want it to work so badly. I might give it a try with a belt the next time I'm in a store. For now, it's a pass.

Tisana Dress ($128)  I know what you are going to say. You are going to say this dress looks good on me, and I agree that from the front it's super cute. However, the side view was a different story. My boobs made the loose top portion of the dress stick way out from the rest of my body. The effect wasn't flattering, and it just looked plain weird. This loose cropped top (not sure of the proper fashion terminology) must be a new trend, because I saw it incorporated into several tops and dresses in the store. It's cute on the hanger, but it just didn't work on my body type. It's a shame because it was a comfortable dress and the pattern was so beautiful. I tried this on in a size 8. Pass.

Galen Dress ($128)  Last, but certainly not least, is this pretty little number. This is probably the most flattering dress I've had on my body in a long time. It looks great from all angles. The material is comfortable and doesn't wrinkle at all. With a hip geometric print in a vibrant blue, this dress is a real eye catcher. It is a little on the short side, but I find it perfectly acceptable for work with flat sandals. The more conservative top portion of the dress does a good job of balancing out the shorter length. I ended up purchasing this in a size medium.  



  1. thanks for the reviews, Bonnie!

  2. Just like Aunt Flo: once a month.

  3. Come back Bonnie! Followed you for yrs,and I miss you! You are one of the last anthro bloggers ,and I miss seeing your beautiful clothes! I know life is busy and crazy,but I wanted you to know you are missed! :)

  4. Dajana FabjanovichJuly 16, 2014 at 2:03 AM

    The Galen Dress looks lovely on you (:


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