Swinging and Winging

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Booties: Ruche
Necklace: Anthropologie On a Wing Necklace
So just for the moment, let's be still. - The Head and the Heart
Just to be clear, because I've learned over the years that some folks will read too much into anything, the title of this post is not a direct or subliminal reference to any extracurricular activities that Jerry and I may have partaken in during the course of our relationship. No, so sorry to disappoint, but in this case, I mean "swinging" more in the "to move to and fro" kind of way. Although, I guess the other kind of swinging involves that too. I'm just digging my hole deeper aren't I? Damn! Poor choice of words there too. Let's just move on, shall we...

The title of this post is really meant to represent the fact that I'm wearing a swing dress with a wing necklace. It also represents the nature of my life lately as in I feel like I've been flying around to and fro with absolutely no down time. Both work and my personal life have just been a big blur of activity. However, judging from these photos it looks like I've found time enough to eat.

I'll admit this swing silhouette may not be the most flattering on my body type, but I'm not of the school of thought that everything you wear should make you look as skinny as possible. This dress is both stylish and comfortable, and I think it looks really great with these new booties from Ruche that I'm just absolutely in love with.

I've worn these booties more than any other shoe in my closet so far this Fall. And to think, I almost missed out on them. They were sold out when I first saw them, but I stalked them for weeks, and when I stalk, I don't play. I go into full on Single White Female mode. I totally purchased these from my IPad on the toilet in the middle of the night when to my stalkery delight one pair popped back up in my size. Yes, it's true much can be accomplished by swinging and winging it, but good things come to those who can also be still and wait.

Let's Be Still by The Head And The Heart on Grooveshark



  1. Haha! I laughed out loud when I read the part about you going into "full on Single White Female mode." I just did the same with a bar cart I've had my eye on at Target. I was in, as I like to call it, full combat mode.

    Have a great weekend, Bonnie!

  2. I am in love with that necklace! Seriously so perfect. You are totally rocking that dress! I bet it would look awesome with leggings too!

    New follower :) Just getting my blog started and am having way too much fun looking at yours!

    Brittany @ http://infinityampersand.blogspot.com/

  3. Another happy post! YAY!

  4. BWAHAHAHAHA! I completely laughed out loud at the shopping on the toilet line. You are a riot, Bonnie!! The booties are adorable and that dress has been on my wish list for a very long time. I'm waiting and stalking it for it to go on sale. I love swing dresses!

  5. i know all about comfy booties and "single white female mode". I was stalking these booties on designer's site for months on daily basis and then finally got it on sale in the color I wanted and they are most favourite booties ever: http://www.lyst.com/shoes/matt-bernson-ambler-perforated-wedge-booties-charcoal-1/
    Also comfy style always wins in my books! You look very happy, relaxed and those booties are look great with overall look and as usual Jerry's photos are superb! Who has such a great eye for unique background? Both of you or someone specific?

  6. I have this dress in the black colorway and I adore it! I found that it looks great with a puffer jacket over it, to help with the tent-like situation. Here's the outfit post on my blog: http://bit.ly/1erb1Ds.

    Oh, and LOVE those booties!


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