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"But she falls short and the night explodes in laughter." - First Aid Kit
Bet you thought you'd finally gotten rid of me, didn't you? Nope, you're not going to get rid of me that easily. I've just been on vacation and then recovering from vacation. Recovery took longer than the actual vacation. I had a great time with my family at Disney, but I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty stressful at times. I thought about doing some posts about my vacation, but I think I'm all Disney-ed out at present. Maybe in a few weeks.
For now, let's get right back to the really important thing in life - clothes. I've purchased a few new things from Anthropologie recently given the change in the season. Some sweaters and tops, but mostly, dresses. The common denominator I've noticed with all these dresses is that they are short. I mean, I'm not in any danger of exposing my lady bits or anything like that, but these dresses are definitely out of my old lady comfort zone. It seems like dresses at Anthro that would have been around 37" or 38" in length last year are hovering around the 34" or 35" mark this year. I'm used to the shorter lengths from retailers like Ruche or Forever 21, but I've always been able to count on Anthro to have slightly more conservative versions of the same type of looks.
Still, I liked everything else about these dresses enough to keep them. Also, I don't really hate the length on me per se. I just hear the voices and laughter of the mean bitches out there telling me that I look like a overweight 4 year old. Oh well, I guess I'm due for a mid-life crisis, so I'm breaking bad and breaking out the short skirts. Besides, my legs are about the only thing left intact from my younger days, so I might as well flaunt them while I still got them. Speaking of flaunting, I was so determined to flaunt my new crocheted booties that I invented a new pose. I'm calling this one the "Checking for Dog Poop" pose. It's sure to become an instant classic. Missed me, didn't you? 

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  1. Bonnie,
    The dress looks great on you! Do you mind if I ask what size you took? My figure is very similar to yours. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Ali! I got a size 10 because most of the reviews said it ran a little small.

  3. Glad you are back! :) You look adorable here!

  4. I did miss you, dude. I've taken my own break from blogging, too. Wish I could say it was because I was on holiday.

    p.s. I love those booties - are they comfortable?

  5. Checking for dog poop! HAHAHAHA~! Hugs - looks like you are doing great. I was missing my friend. Welcome back!


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