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Shoes: Urban Outfitters
"Stop and pose again. Freeze for the camera then resume what you're doing. Where you, how you, why you, when - every little thing you do you document....turn a real thing into a million pixels." - Bronze Radio Return
My posts have been pretty few and far between for a couple of months now. It wasn't planned. It just sorta happened. In fact, I think this must happen to a lot of bloggers. I know many of the one's I have followed over the years have gone through a similar pattern of dwindling content that eventually fades into oblivion. I have no plans of following suit, but I'd be lying if I said I was into blogging as much as I once was. 
I've wanted to post more, but I just haven't felt motivated. For one, it's been hot as Hell here lately and the last thing I've wanted to do is go stand out in it and pose for pictures. Also, I've really cut back on my clothing purchases, so there's not much to show you that you haven't seen before. I thought if I broadened my horizons and blogged about aspects of my life other than fashion, I would be able to generate more content, but that has actually proven to be more difficult. 
Recent developments aside, I don't know if I will ever get back to blogging as much as I did at one time.  As I get older it's becoming less and less important to me to "keep up with the Joneses."  I don't feel as strong of a need to project a certain image anymore whether it be in the real world or the virtual one. I find myself letting the dishes sit in the sink a little longer, letting the grass grow a little taller, and waiting a few days longer to wipe off those grubby little hand prints from the storm door. So, if you hear from me a little less than you used to, take comfort in the fact that I'm just living my life rather than documenting it.
Stop and Pose - Bronze Radio Return



  1. love your dress! nice look!

  2. I am a fan of your blog and have been a reader for a while now. Your blog is one of the most honest, throat provoking blogs out there with pretty clothing inspirations! I just wanted to say I enjoy your posts, even if the clothes are re-mixed/ ones you have blogged about before, enjoy reading your commentary on life!

    So, I hope you don't disappear into oblivion!

    Ps. How did you cut back on shopping for clothes. As a fellow lover of all things anthropologie and only having found out about the store a year ago, I'm really struggling to cut back my spending. Any useful tips will be much appreciated!!!

    Best of luck with everything!

  3. Lovely outfit, Bonnie. Thanks for posting! I don't always have time to read and reply so I can't even imagine how people find time to blog on regular basis but please keep posting photos, they always look awesome.

  4. Love that belt! You look beautiful! I miss your regular blog posts but totally understand about life just getting busy. Just don't abandon the ship entirely, okay?

  5. Thanks, Olya! You've been a pretty regular commenter on here, and I appreciate that! :-)

  6. Thanks, Serina! It means a lot to read your positive feedback.

    I'm having to save money for a trip to Disney for my kids next month, so that has motivated me not to spend money on clothing. I've been doing pretty good just quitting cold turkey. I did fall off the wagon a bit last week, but I'm back on the straight and narrow now. So, I would suggest having a goal to work toward as far as saving money goes. It gives your mind something to obsessive over other than clothes.

  7. Bonnie, keep going even if it's just from time to time. I love your blog. I wouldn't mind to see more remixes. And blue is definitely your color.

  8. Do you know that there is a product named Stop and Pose?


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