Yin and Yang

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Top: Anthropologie Light on Petals Cami
Sweater: The Limited
Pants: Hue Corduroy Leggings in Cobblestone
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Scarf: Ruche

"We balanced up the towers to fall down. All we loved...we find out all we lost." - Fossil Collective

Sometimes opposites work together. I feel like that's the case with this outfit. I never would have thought to wear a Winter scarf and corduroy leggings with this very Spring-like combination of a floral cami and pastel yellow cardigan, but desperate times called for desperate measures. This unseasonably cool weather we've been experiencing forced me to think outside the box in my clothing combinations, and this outfit was the result.

I'm typing all this out as I sit in front of my computer wearing sandals and short sleeves. Yes, the weather has FINALLY taken a turn toward the warmer side, and by warmer, I mean hot. We went from 50's last week to 90's this week, so naturally, I'm complaining about the heat now. This is one of those cases where opposites are not working together. I need some in-between weather, like temperatures in the 70's. And not just a day here or there. I want a continuous, extended time period of that type of weather. Oh, and I want a rocking bod and naturally tan skin too. Somehow, I don't see any of that in my future.

I guess life is all about balance, taking the good with the bad. The cold weather sucked, but it had it's advantages. For one, I didn't have to deal with these white, hairy legs of mine. I mean, I still shaved my legs every day in the Winter because that shit literally grows back in an hour, but I didn't have to be as thorough. It was okay to miss some spots because I was just going to cover them up with pants, tights, boots, etc. With the warmer weather this week, I've had to get back into the groove of getting rid of every single hair. Although, I haven't been completely comfortable showing my legs yet. Those bitches are blinding white, not to mention I need to get used to being naked again. Don't worry, I don't mean literally naked. It just feels that way when I first start shedding the clothes. Things like bare feet and bare shoulders almost seem foreign after months of being covered up. So, I've been shedding the clothes gradually. Maxi skirts have been my best friends this week.

Despite these trivial troubles, I am enjoying the warmer temperatures. I've been able to wear some of my new Spring purchases and the budding landscape has provided some great backdrops for recent photo shoots. Now, if I could just find the time to blog, so I can share these photos. My spare time this week has been spent outdoors working in the garden, walking the dogs, and taking in the fresh air with Jerry and the kids. It's been great, but I've missed sharing my thoughts on here. Each day, I planned on blogging, and each day passed without the time needed to sit down and collect my thoughts. I finally found some time today. I think I needed to get back my bearings with this change in weather. I just needed to find my balance again.

Fossil Collective - Monument by Fossil Collective



  1. Bonnie, do you have a playlist where I could listen to every song you post on your blog?
    I enjoy your taste in music a lot!!

  2. Cute outfit! I really like the mix. And I will raise you your ghostly white legs and show you my ghostly pasty vampire-without-the-sparkles pair of super super white legs. :) I just don't try to tan-it's not in my genetic makeup-never been tan, never every will. But, I'll look amazing when I'm 80! Glad to have you back-I've missed your posts.

  3. I love ur music jams... i am always looking for new sounds. This Fossil Collective song is fantastic! What do u mean my 90 degrees... dag blam it! We can't get out of the 40's by the Great Lakes. Love the outfit mix today.

  4. Paragraph three, henceforth and forever more to be remembered as the "life is all about balance" paragraph, is quite evocative. The images it evokes, however...well...as some things can't be unseen, also there are some things which cannot be unread. However, that having been said, I'd have to say it's also, as most of your musings, also perfectly unique in all of blogland. And these days, that's an accomplishment. On the plus side: no infected hair references! Huzzah! :-) I kid.

  5. Aw, poor Richard...can't handle the details of a woman's shaving routine. I forgot how delicate and squeamish you men are when it comes to the things we women have to deal with on a daily basis. Speaking of which, my 11 year old son just asked me last night what a woman's period was. The look of horror on his face as I told him was priceless. Good thing we women don't run for the hills every time you guys burp or fart. Nothing would ever get done. ;-)

  6. Just discovered this band myself. LOVE this song! Very Bon Iver-ish.

  7. LOL! "vampire without the sparkles"

    I think it's harder for me because I used to tan when I was in my teens and 20's. I guess my mind associates pale skin with being older. I went to the dermatologist last year and he said my skin was in great shape, so despite my efforts in my younger years to destroy it, I, too, shall look amazing at 80 and am most likely safe from kicking the bucket due to skin cancer. Just like the post says, it's all about balancing the good with the bad.

  8. Thanks, Nadja. Unfortunately, I do not have a playlist. I'm probably the most unorganized person on earth when it comes to my music. Shoot me an email, though, and I'll be glad to reply with some of my favorite bands and albums.

  9. You should perhaps accompany the young man's introduction to menstruation with illustrations from the "Playboy" centerfold. This would enforce his understanding of yin and yang. And on the odd chance there's a pun in there? I didn't intend it and wouldn't understand it if it were explained to me.


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