Spring, WTF?

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Pants: Hue Jeggings in Deep Gold
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
Earrings: The Limited
"Hon, it wasn't yet the Spring." - Bon Iver
I may look all smiley in some of these pictures but, let me tell you, that shit was fake. My mad face in that last picture is a better representation of how I really felt. It is motherfreaking April, and it is still motherfreaking cold outside. WTF?
During a normal photo shoot for the blog, Jerry and I usually take around 50 or so pictures. On this one, we took 10. The wind was so cold that I literally couldn't stand it anymore. At least we did manage to get 5 decent shots...I guess. I look like I got some thunder thighs in that first picture, also courtesy of the cold wind...and those damn Cadbury mini-eggs. Those things are pure crack. I'm so glad they are only around during Easter.
Can you tell the cold weather is getting to me? It's bringing me down, man. I'm ready to get outside and work in the garden. I'm ready for sandals and bare legs. I'm ready for floral prints and bold, bright colors. It's really hard to get into Spring when you can't partake in all the things that make it Spring. In order to get myself in the mood, I've decided that I'm going to wear the color yellow every day until it turns warm outside. Why yellow? Because it's the color of sunshine, and it makes me happy. Uhh, get some, cold weather!
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  1. Obsessed with that necklace!

  2. Its totally opposite here in Melbourne Australia We really haven't had an autumn, its been up and down warming up again for the weekend. NOT looking forward to winter at all....well except being able to wear boots! I also love that necklace to the point where I just bought it. It brightens up your outfit. hang in there as Spring and summer will be here before you know it!

  3. Last year, Chicago actually had a Spring -- the leaves were early on all the trees and then the weather turned cold and we got frost again. Young trees struggled all year We usually go from winter straight into summer. I have a bunch of Spring summer tops and dresses that are sitting in my closet ...waiting achingly for those warm days. I'm liking the boots

  4. and we are getting snow this weekend. Someone wrote in my daughter's school newsletter 2 days ago: Whoever is praying for snow, please stop! (I think it was posted at local church) so I hear you, we all had enough of hibernation.

  5. I'm used to wearing flip flops eight months out of the year. I miss them!

  6. I like your all picture . I think really gorgeous.
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  7. I can relate to every word of this post, B! I'm still wearing tights, winter jackets and boots. And just a few days ago, Mother Nature decided to sucker punch us with a 20 cm of snow. At this rate, spring in Edmonton won't arrive until June.

  8. Love the tiles - they look fantastic. I also love the mirrors - especially the ensuite one.
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