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Boots: Anthropologie Brass and Band Booties

"I'm the type who won't get oh so critical....I won't treat you like your typical" - Tegan and Sara

Today's outfit is brought to you by the colors brown and gray. Well, actually, the colors their marketing departments gave them was "Rust" and "Cobblestone", but we all know that those are just fancy names for what they really are, which is plain Jane neutrals. Yes, if Stacy and Clinton were here they would be throwing me into the 360 and screaming "Just, look at yourself!" Oh well, screw it. Even though I'm aware that according to certain fashion rules I'm suppose to be jazzing up neutrals with a "pop" of color, I quite like this drab little combo.

I purchased this tunic 2 Fridays ago, and I pretty much wore it for 3 days straight: Saturday to take one of my kids to a birthday party, Sunday to take one of my other kids to a birthday party, and Monday to work. I'm sure some of you out there are pulling at your hair and gnashing your teeth at all the wrinkles in this shirt, but, hey, that's what happens when you wear a shirt 3 days in a row. You're lucky I don't have food stains on it. Which brings me to one of the many advantages of wearing neutrals, they hide stains well.

Seriously, though, I love this shirt and it's rusty color. It's just a simple tee, but it's amazing how hard it is to find simple tees these days, especially ones that are long enough to wear with leggings. The buttons in the back give it a little bit of shape without taking away from the relaxed vibe, and the contrasting rayon material at the bottom dresses it up a little bit. It's one of my favorite purchases in a long time, and since it's a neutral it has yet another advantage in that it goes with pretty much everything in my closet.

New rule: Neutrals rule!     

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  1. I actually REALLY like this outfit, and how you look in it! =+)

  2. the colors together look awesome. the rust color goes well with your hair too.


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