When the Sun Goes Down

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Sweater: Anthropologie Outdoor Cafe Cardigan
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots
"When the sun goes down, down on your street, oh let me be the one you meet." - Ben Gibbard
It's one of those rare days when I'm incandescently happy and nothing can get me down. I have so much to look forward to that I'm actually overwhelmed by it all. My plans are nothing big. I'm not going on a lavish vacation or anything like that. I just plan on partaking in some little things that mean a lot to me.
First up, I have a concert tomorrow in a sleepy little town a couple of hours down the road. The concert is being performed by my favorite musician, Ben Gibbard, who I've seen live several times now and who never disappoints. We plan on making a day of it in this small town by the Haw river. We're going to eat lunch at the general store, check out the art gallery, do a little antique shopping, walk along the nature trails, and take in the cool Fall air. It's suppose to be a beautiful day weather-wise: sunny and in the 60's. I'm hoping to case the joint so we can be one of the first one's in line and sit on the front row. That's right - I said, sit! I can't tell you how excited I am that this is a seated concert. Most of the concerts I go to are standing, which is great if you are a 18 year old, but kind of sucks when you are in your 30's. My old feet start hurting! I'm also hoping to meet the man, himself. It's a small venue, so I'm hoping he'll mingle with the crowd a little after the show. I must admit, I've been fantasizing all day that he will show up at the general store when we're there. I mean, it's a small town, the man's gotta eat, it could happen. God, I feel like such a creepy stalker/fan girl...
Let's move on to the next thing I'm excited about, shall we? Next Friday, the movie Anna Karenina hits theaters. I've been waiting for this movie to come out all year. How could I not be excited about it? One of my favorite movies is the most recent adaptation of Pride and PrejudiceAnna Karenina is directed by the same guy who did that adaptation and also stars Keira Knightley. Not to mention the fact that it's about a married women with children who falls in love and has an affair and is shunned by society because of it. Sound familiar?
Lastly, I bought tickets yesterday to the midnight premiere of  The Hobbit in IMAX 3D. I totally geek out on all things Tolkien, so this has also been a highly anticipated movie for me. They're suppose to make a big deal out of it at the theater with costumes, trivia, games, and more. It sounds like a good time to me! Oh, and I love IMAX 3D. I saw Avatar in the same theater, and it blew me away. I thought Avatar as a story was lame, but visually it was a feast for the eyes. I'm hoping The Hobbit will give me the best of both worlds.
Now, about those photos up there...This dress should look familiar because I just wore it in a recent post. However, this time around I'm styling it the way I had intended to when I purchased it, with a mustard cardigan and brown boots. Jerry suggested the spot this time. He thought the blue door and the setting sun would be a good combination. Yeah, I bet he did... He managed to finally get himself into one of the pictures, even if it is in shadow form. He is also responsible for the door hugging going on in that last picture. Mr. Artist wanted a picture of the old chipping paint against my smooth skin. Speaking of creepy... I guess I'm glad for it, because it helped me see that I need to trim that one eyebrow. It was getting a little out of control on one end, but I took care of that sucker this morning.
Geez, I'm typing up a storm, aren't I? This is what happens when I'm happy. You can't shut me up. Ok, I'm going to go now. Maybe the next time you see me I'll be posing for a picture next to Mr. Gibbard. A girl can dream can't she?

Ben Gibbard - When The Sun Goes Down On Your Street




  1. I love the way Jerry's shadow mirrors the image of you in the second shot. Nice pic!

  2. CAN U elaborate on eyebrow trimming- is that better than plucking?

  3. In a word: perfection. In a bunch of words: I love everything about this - I'm a sucker for stripes, you styled it gorgeously, the lighting is beautiful, I'm so happy to hear you so happy, that day sounds amazing - good luck with your stalking ;o) Your musing on Anna Karenina is hilariously apt (and I loved that book too), and that is a wonderful photo of "the two of you". Not a traditional couple shot, but boy - what a snapshot of the artist and his muse. Have a great weekend.

  4. awesome images! i hope you had a great time at the concert and your wish came true.


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