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Sweater: Anthropologie Outdoor Cafe Cardigan
Tee and Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots

"Hiding behind my scarf, I'm making rude comments to myself, playing that I'm Mr. Invisible. Nobody sees me, leaning there saying, saying, I'm just another voice in an ocean of voices. Thankful." - Of Montreal

I ordered this loop scarf from Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago after seeing it online and falling in love with the colorful pattern. I was pretty surprised when I received it and took a look at it's massive size. This sucker is huge! I would put it more in the snood category rather than the scarf one. I mean, you could totally wear this as a hood and scarf at the same time. Hell, there's enough fabric there to wear it as a dress. I guess I should have paid more attention to the name. It does say "Chunky" Paisley Loop. Anyway, I wasn't real sure about the chunkiness factor and thought about returning it, but a little incident occurred that shed some light on the advantages of owning a snood.

Ok, so, I'm just going to put this out here: I have black hairs that grow out of my neck sometimes. Well...ok...pretty much all the time, because it seems like I can always detect a little hint of black speck just under the skin's surface somewhere on my neck. There's about 3 of them that consistently come back in the same places even though I pull them out by the roots every time. And when I say I pull them out by the roots, I mean it. I'm a groomer by nature, and I love the thrill of the chase. In fact, I'm pretty OCD about it. I check my neck every day and if there is even a hint of a hair, I go to town on it with the tweezers. Once I get it out, I inspect it for a least a full minute to check out the length and root size. Also, if any friends or family are around, I make them look at it. I mean, sometimes those things have been growing under the skin for awhile, and what looked like a tiny little hair is really 3 freaking inches long! I need a witness. Strangely, no one is ever as excited about it as I am.

This is all fine and dandy until I get a particularly stubborn hair. There's always one every few months or so. No matter how much I try, I can't get ahold of the damn thing! Instead of doing the smart thing and patiently waiting for the hair to break the skin more, I become obsessed with getting it out right then and there and declare all out war on it. This never ends well. I usually end up with a big 'ole sore on my neck and one stubborn neck hair still firmly in place. Such was the case on this day, and no amount of makeup was hiding the damage. As I scanned my closet looking for something to wear, I felt like a teenager again, looking for something to hide a hickey. My eyes fell on my newest purchase, and I knew it would do the trick. The rest is history.

Gosh, I really hope some of you can relate to this, because I'm starting to feel like a complete freakazoid. If nothing else, I know Mr. George Carlin could relate. He used to do this hilarious skit about picking things off his body and examining them. I guess I'm a bit paranoid, because it seems as if there are very few people who relate to the things I write on here lately. My last post got 1 whole comment, and it's not for lack of views. I average about 2,000 views a day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to win any popularity contests or anything. I think given my content that's abundantly clear. I must admit, though, it's a bit frustrating when you see hundreds of comments on blogs that post just a few sentences or no text at all.  I suppose I do have a tendency to be incredibly long winded. I mean, I just wrote 2 paragraphs about plucking neck hairs. Oh well, I can't be anybody but myself. Whether you lurk, comment, relate, or just hang out to watch the train wreck, thanks for reading.           

Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Possible Explanation for Missing Bathtub (Front Cover) by of Montreal on Grooveshark



  1. I should comment more, because I enjoy you and your blog so much, we have alot of similarities, viewpoints, emotions and Im a fellow NCer. Those d@mn neck hairs, I get some chin ones also and when that little black dot appears I Cant hardly stand it!

  2. I have one horrible black whisker that grows out of the side of my face (I call it my "dog hair") and two equally horrible boob hairs. Once, two female friends and I stood around discussing our weird black hairs that just seem to inexplicably grow out of odd places. We laughed and laughed . Anyway, I can completely relate, and your outfit is fabulous! Here's to hair-pulling!

  3. I think any woman worth her woman badge have weird black hairs that pop up in weird places. I know I do! And if you think you don't, hand in that woman badge because you're just not paying attention. :) I'm like you-I obsess over the "areas" that need **ahem** extra tending. To add insult to injury, I've just found out that I have extremely low testosterone and get to have hormone injections in my ass every 3 months. TMI, I know, but guess what a lovely little side effect of hormone injections is? Wait for it.....extra hair growth-and not where you want it. AAAAAACCCCK! As long as my voice doesn't deepen and I don't acquire a taste for cheap beer, football, and huntin' I'm all good. :) Lovely outfit as always!

  4. I constantly pick at scars or zits. It's bad enough I do it to myself; I am always trying to pick my family's scars too!

  5. Hi Bonnie, I've left you comments a couple of times, but never saw them showed ): They were not trolling mean comments. I have hairs growing out of my nipples, and it's too painful to keep plucking them, so I let them grow. It's nice to know I am not the only one with weird hairs. Our bodies just have the minds of their own, don't they.

  6. Thanks for sharing all your "hairy situations" ladies! It's nice to know I'm in good company! :-)

  7. How does one have extremely low testosterone? Shouldn't that be a good thing as a woman? I guess you are just too damn womanly, Kristin! LOL!

  8. LOL! Dog hair! I have one of those too, on the right side!

    Oh, and I totally have the boob hairs too. The funny thing about those is I don't notice them until they are freaking huge and then I feel so embarrassed that I've been having sex with a disgusting hair on my boob. I get really pissed at Jerry for not telling me about it, but he always claims to have never seen it. I mean, I can understand me not seeing it since I don't have the best view. But he's had his face in them. What the hell is he looking at when he's down there?!? LOL!

  9. Sorry about that! I haven't deleted a comment in ages. I'm going to put the blame on Disqus. Please let me know when and if it happens again, because if it is happening a lot, I can move to a different commenting system.

  10. Yes! Thank you for admitting to the trying to pick on others too! I'm the same way! I remember seeing monkey's pick things off each other at the zoo and thinking, "Hmm...if we did come from monkey's, I must have never lost that instinct." LOL! Jerry is pretty accommodating and let's me pluck his eyebrows a little bit from time to time as long as I promise to keep them manly.

  11. My boyfriend is obsessed with mine, and always asks me to let them grow, to which I am like LOLNO. I suppose I should be thankful to have someone who truly values my flaws as much as my good points. I, too, feel very embarrassed if I notice that they've grown out without me realizing!

  12. Ha! Had absolutely NO idea women were even supposed to have testosterone until I had my blood drawn. Apparently we ladies have small doses that help with energy, etc. Go figure!

  13. Hilarious post Bonnie! I love that cardigan.

  14. I, too, commented on your last blog. It was a nice post. I enjoy your blog!

  15. I am laughing so hard! I am also an obsessive hair checker. Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I regularly check my chin. I just discovered your blog. It's fantastic! You've given me tons of ideas for my wardrobe. I also LOVE your partner's mad photography skills.


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