Summertime Clothes

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Top: Anthropologie Pelmet Top - Size S
Shorts: Anthropologie Season Staple Shorts - Size 10
Shoes: Anthropologie Sweet-Wrap Sandals - Size 9
Earrings: Anthropologie Cloud Cover Earrings

"Let's leave the sound of the heat for the sound of the rain. It's easy to sleep when it wets my brain. It covers my rest with a saccharine sheen, kissing the wind through my window screen. The restlessness call says that I cannot hide, so much on my mind that it spills outside." - Animal Collective

It's been pretty hot here lately. It reached 100 degrees a couple of times last week and factoring in the humidity, the heat index was around 115. I broke a sweat just walking from my house to my car. As a consequence, I've been pretty slack on taking outfit pictures. I mean, I get enough flack from my normal pictures. Wrinkled skirt in the last post, anyone? Just so you know, it wasn't that wrinkled when I left the house, but after sitting in it all day at work while sweating from the heat, it got a tad bit wrinkled. Call me crazy, but I don't mind a few wrinkles. I don't exist in a vacuum. I do actually live life in my clothes. Anyway, can you imagine the field day that would be had if I posted pictures of myself melting in the 100 degree heat? I'm all about keeping it real, but even that is too real for me. Still, the show must go on, so Jerry and I decided to beat the heat and get creative with this photo shoot. These were taken in my son's bedroom upstairs in front of one of those cute little windows that peaks out of the roof of our house. I really love the way the light filters into this room.

I did my best to beat the heat with my outfit, as well. I purchased this top on sale back in April but haven't worn it on the blog yet. The white colorway had gotten some bad reviews because the eyelet fabric is a little whiter than the rest of the shirt. I decided to go for it anyway. Maybe I just don't have a very critical eye, because, once again, the thing that bothered some people about this top doesn't bother me at all. The shorts are my most favorite shorts ever. They are so lightweight and comfortable. I ended up getting them in two colors: moss and sky. They have been a season staple indeed. These shoes, on the other hand, have not. This is my first time wearing them this Summer. I'm ashamed to admit it, because these have got to be the most comfortable shoes ever. Not to mention, they are cute. I'm going to do my best to give them more love going forward. I finished things off with some pretty earrings from Anthro and a turquoise ring.

After we took these pictures, we had a nice afternoon thunderstorm that cooled things off a bit. I love to lay inside and listen to the rain. It really forces me to still my mind and reflect on things. I needed some time like that given my mood lately. Once it was over, Jerry and I went outside with the dog and enjoyed the cooler temperature while it lasted. I really believe that times like these are what life is all about. Just enjoying some time in the yard with the ones I love. I soaked it in as long as I could. The next day was another hot one.

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes



  1. Don't fret over the hot summer days, soon they will be gone and you'll get to enjoy the beautiful cooling autumn. Coming from Singapore, i am getting that kind of weather you are facing now EVERYDAY! And no respite!!! Boohoohoo.....:( Well, things do get slightly better in December, but by then, think rain rain rain, and still humid.

    I really appreciate that you dress down for summer in simple shorts and shirts. Some fashionistas in my country like to criticize fellow Singaporeans for dressing down, or sloppily. Hey, shouldn't it be a personal choice when one chose to wear comfortably? Imagine strappy heels, full make-up, skinny jeans, frumpy dresses on hot humid day when walking to bus stop will get one soak in sweats?

    Thanks Bonnie for your down to earth dressing!!

  2. I'm wearing the same shorts today and I love them just as much! I've been living in them all summer.

  3. I hope I don't sound creepy, but you have nice legs! ;)

  4. You look fantastic in that outfit. I am jelie of your legs in those shorts! (I have short, stubby legs.) I love that little spot that is the backdrop for the photo shoot! Gorgeous as usual! Cheers!

  5. Bonnie, you are super cute. I don't get the Anthro obsession, but to each his own :) You always look nice.


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