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Jacket: Anthropologie Maximum Capacity Jacket - Size 8
Dress: Anthropologie Fluttering Flora Dress - Size M
Boots: Steve Madden

"Drifting in and out, see the road you're on. You came rolling down the cheek. Say just what you need, and in between it's never as it seems. Help me to name it." - Beach House

I guess it's pretty obvious I haven't been that into blogging lately. There was a time I was blogging everyday. Now, I'm lucky if I blog twice a week. Honestly, I don't know what's wrong. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I'm still in a state of limbo. Yes, it looks like this house thing is going to come to fruition, but until we close, I'm still in waiting mode. I'm "in between," and I don't do good with "in between." I'm a woman of action. Once I get something in my mind, I'm ready to accomplish it right away. I have so many ideas and plans for this new house, but right now, that's all they are, ideas and plans. I'm ready to make them a reality. I can't wait to get in that house and get my hands dirty! As for now, I wait. I guess I should be enjoying this down time, the calm before the storm of unending and overwhelming work, but that's not my nature.

The thing I'm most excited about in regards to the new house is that my kids will finally have their own rooms. I've been online a lot lately picking out things for each of their rooms. I even started using Pinterest to create boards for each of them. It was fun going around the Internet pinning items that I thought they would like. In fact, I think it really helped me release some of that pinned up (pun intended) creative energy. I actually felt like blogging today.

I've had this jacket for a couple of years now, but it hasn't received much love. It's pretty light weight and is only practical on those few days of 60 degree weather in the Spring and Fall. This day was one of those such days, so I took the opportunity to pair it with one of my newer purchases, the Fluttering Floral dress. Speaking of fluttering floral, on the way to dinner Jerry and I spotted this patch of flowers on the side of the road. I really loved the poppies. Jerry was especially enamored with them. I caught him pointing the camera at one particular poppy a few times instead of me. I found myself actually jealous of that damn flower. Sad, I know.

Pairing an old item like this jacket with a newer item like this dress got me thinking about my situation. I seem to be really uninspired right now because I'm waiting for an old chapter of my life to close so a new one can begin. Maybe the solution to my problem is to enjoy this time in between chapters. Never again will I have the fun of planning for a home without the responsibility and stress of actually owning it. After all, planning is usually the fun part. There will be plenty of time for work in the weeks to come.

Beach House - Myth



  1. Patience is something I've always struggled with too, Bonnie. I want it and I want it now! That's how I feel about any loose ends in my life. Life rarely works that way, which leads to a lot of frustration. I think you are doing what I would do with keeping yourself busy with planning for the next step. Hopefully, that is a decent distraction for you from the waiting. Hang in there! Do you have a date yet for the closing?

    These pictures are beautiful! I think I remember seeing those flowers all over the place when we vacationed in Emerald Isle and Outerbanks. Do they grow wild along the side of the road? Talk about impatient. I am counting the days until vacation. I can't wait to get back to the calm of the beach.

  2. I love that the single poppy photo you posted at the end of the blog, the poppy that you were jealous of, is the exact poppy that in second to last photo you appear to be explaining exactly how you plan to pop it's head off if it continues to steal the show. ;) Your facial expression says "Stupid flower..."
    Love it!

  3. LOL! You got it! That's exactly why I posted those 2 photos last. Damn flower! I wanted to pop it's pretty little head off! In the end, I decided to spare it's life. That flower ain't got nothing on me. ;-)

  4. Our closing date is April 30, so if all goes well, we should be able to move in May 1. Can't come soon enough!

    These flowers don't grow wild, but the state likes to plant them on the sides of the roads here to make things pretty, or, more likely, to have less to mow. Hope this time before vacation goes by fast for you!


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