A Good Friday

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Dress: Gap Outlet - Size M
Sweater: Old Navy - Size M
Necklace: Anthropologie
Shoes: Rocket Dog

Come to the hill
Got a nest to build
String and grass
Leave the past...

I haven't had much to say or share with you this week. Sorry about that. I've spent most of the week down in the doldrums of despair. Things are looking up, though. You know that hurdle I told you about in the last post? As of today, I'm looking at that sucker in my rear view mirror. Moving forward feels great! I'm ready to fully embrace Spring now and start working on my own little nest. Wish I could chat more, but I have a date in bed with my lover, some Chinese food, and "Shakepeare in Love." A Good Friday indeed!

Feist - Get It Wrong, Get It Right



  1. THRILLED for you, Bonnie! Happy to see you blogging again! Happy Good Friday! Congrats on the house!

    Cute, comfy outfit!! I used to fight the power on maxi dresses. At 5'10' though, a good friend pointed out that I was being a bit idiotic 'cause they are made for all girls! Love the look.

  2. love ur bangs like that- they look good

  3. Glad to hear the hurdle has been cleared! :o)


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