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Dress: Anthropologie Counting Angles Dress
Boots: Steve Madden Candence Boots
Necklace: Anthropologie
Earrings: The Limited

"Let your love grow tall, tall as the grass in the meadow." - Passion Pit

Things have been pretty quiet here lately. I must admit the stress level in my life has been through the roof these past couple of weeks. Knowing how people don't like to hear all the negativity, I've been blogging a little less these days. The only thing that has overshadowed the stress and gotten me through each day is Jerry and my kids. However, the difference is my kids oftentimes add to the stress (bless their little hearts), but Jerry always knows the right things to do or say to bring my mood back to good.

This is my outfit from one day last week. I can't even remember which day now. What I do remember is that this day was a particularly stressful one. When I got home, Jerry asked me if I wanted to take outfit photos. I kept flip-flopping back and forth between yes and no and finally decided it might be therapeutic to go out and get the creative juices flowing. I told Jerry about this field of tall, brown grass that I had spotted down the road from our apartment. He instantly knew which field I was talking about and was just as excited to take pictures there as I was. This sort of thing happens a lot. We always seem to be on the same page. Having a partner that shares the same interests as me is one of the little things that makes life so much easier and enjoyable. Since I'm in the mood to sing Jerry's praises and it's the only positive thing I can think of to write about today, let me share with you what else he's done for me lately.

Friday night we decided to stay in and have a low-key night at home. Jerry planned to grill hamburgers and make homemade fries. Given the week I had, I was more interested in what alcoholic beverages would be on the menu. I mentioned in jest that it would be nice if we could get beer from the brewery down the street. This brewery has a tap room that serves the freshest, gets-you-drunk-fast beer I've ever tasted. I worked late that night and arrived home to find Jerry busy grilling and cooking. As I was changing into something more comfortable, Jerry asked me what I would do if the brewery just happened to sell beer fresh out of the tap that could be taken off the premises. I told him that I might just be the happiest girl in the world. With that, he took my hand and led me to the fridge. He opened the door and inside there was a big glass jug with the brewery's logo on it. He asked if I would like a glass, and I immediately replied, "Hell yes!" What a sweet, sweet man! He had stopped after work and found a way to get my favorite beer. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the beer and each other's company.

On Saturday, we did a little shopping for the kids. Jerry pointed out a t-shirt in Gap that he thought my oldest son would really like. I didn't really have room in the budget to get it, so I reluctantly passed it up. The next day as I was putting clothes into my son's dresser, I opened one of the drawers and there was the shirt from Gap, neatly folded up inside. Jerry had struck again! I love little surprises like this, especially when it's for my kids. It warmed my heart and, once again, put me in better spirits.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the rest of the mushy details. The point is: that Jerry's a good guy. He is always thinking of others, never himself. His actions remind me everyday why I fell in love with him in the first place, and my love for him grows stronger and stronger each day. I only hope that I make him half as happy as he makes me.  

Passion Pit - Let Your Love Grow Tall



  1. I took pics in a field just like this yesterday! Yours are gorgeous as always .... :) sherry L.

  2. Another shocked readerMarch 27, 2012 at 10:05 PM

    You are wearing nearly $700 worth of NEW anthro merch in your last four posts alone, but somehow a $24 tshirt from gap kids isn't within the budget? Why are you so fucking defective? This just perfectly showcases how ungodly selfish you are, bless your heart.

  3. Ah, the good men! I know what you mean. I am all sorts of self-depreciating and stressed out and then my husband goes and gets me wine and ice cream and I can't help but think "What did I do to deserve this wonderful man? I hope I make him as happy as he makes me." I'm sure you make Jerry just as happy as he makes you :) Maybe you can do something sneaky and special for him!

  4. I'm only posting this ignorant comment to call you out on commenting on something you clearly know nothing about. I bought $600 in clothes and shoes for my kids this weekend. In fact, my ex was upset that I spent so much on them and wanted me to take it all back. I managed to convince him to let them keep the majority of it. So, when I said I didn't have enough money in the budget, I meant I had already bought them lots of stuff.

  5. Bonnie,

    First thing first: you look gorgeous in this dress and the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I like the contrast between the red of the dress and the pale yellow of the field. Wow.
    Secondly: I think you are very lucky to have this Jerry in your life!

  6. I must admit, at first I was thinking the same thing as "Another shocked reader". And you are absolutely right, we don't know the whole picture. This is a clear example of how the majority of the time, people are quick to judge others without knowing the whole picture.

  7. I am actually glad shocked reader wrote what she did....could have said it nicer,though. Lots of readers were probably wondering the same thing. This is a fashion blog that you have a small window into your life. We have to remember there is always more to the story.

    It is rare to have such a connection that you and Jerry have....sounds like a great guy.

    I love these pictures. I thought the last post was my favorite. This is even better. This dress looks like it would look good on so many different shapes and sizes. The scenery and you look beautiful.

  8. I guess I should have been more clear in my post, but then again, I don't think I should have to spell out everything. People bring their own filters into things and tend to assume the worst, especially if they don't like you. I'm guilty of this myself sometimes. Reminds me of this quote,
    “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

  9. Thanks! I also thought this dress was a perfect fit for the field. It's one of the reasons I decided to go out and take photos despite my stressful day. And you're right, I am very lucky.

  10. Aw, so glad you got yourself a good one. They really are the best! Better than calgon! LOL!

  11. I deleted your comment at first, but then decided to post it, because this is a really sensitive topic for me right now given what I have been through this week with the children's clothes. You want to know the whole story? Here ya go:

    A month ago I told my ex that the kids would be needing new clothes soon since the weather would be getting warmer. I wanted to let him know well in advance because we split all the children's expenses. 2 weeks ago, the weather did turn warmer (80 degrees), so my ex got their summer clothes from last year out of storage. I went through it all, had the children try on their old clothes for me, and determined what they could still wear. This also let me know what new items they needed. I organized the items in yes piles and no piles. I showed my ex the piles and explained to him what I had done. I, once again, informed my ex that we would need to buy them new clothes soon to replace the things they can no longer wear.

    Since it was 80 degress everyday last week, my mom called me 3 times to ask me if I had gotten the kids any clothes yet. She dresses them the mornings they are with their dad, and she said they needed Summer clothes. At this point, I had ordered them some things online but was still waiting for them to come in. I told her this and that I was going to pick up some things this weekend.

    So, I made a trip this weekend to an outlet mall and bought clothes and shoes that the kids needed. When I showed my ex the receipts, he flipped out and started yelling at me. He told me that they didn't need anything, because he had packed a bunch of summer stuff in their suitcase. He told me to take it all back. When I got home and unpacked the suitcase I discovered that over half the stuff he packed was either too small or on the verge of being too small. I had bought them things that will last them all Summer and into the Fall, not things that just fit right now.

    Anyway, I went through the things I had bought and eliminated items I felt they could live without. It was about 1/4 of the total. I called him up and explained this to him. He told me to email him the receipts and send him pictures of the items I had bought them. I did as I was told. Meanwhile, my little girl had discovered the bags of clothes and shoes and didn't understand why she wouldn't be allowed to keep them. She called her daddy and begged him to let her keep it.

  12. I read Bonnie's post and didn't assume the worst. It seems obvious that her kids are well cared for and I didn't assume her son would be shirtless without this one gap t-shirt. When she said it didn't fit her "budget", I didn't assume that there wasn't a penny left in her bank account to purchase kids clothing with. I assumed that she had predetermined an amount of money to spend on kids clothes and was already near or at that amount. Isn't that the very definition of "budget"?

  13. Oh my! I was just about ready to congratulate you on the communication between you and your ex. You are so right....kids need to look good, too. I am lucky. My husband never says no to anything for the kids. I am glad you set the story straight!!!!!!

  14. Well, we usually do have pretty good communication, but it always gets touchy when money is involved. We were able to work through it, though, and come to an agreement.

  15. You know what I think is strange? People criticizing what you chose to share on your blog as if they understand your life outside of this little space on the internet.

    It's a little sad that people take things so personally when they have 10% of the story, and even worse when they lash out in a nasty way via the anonymity of the internet.

  16. Thanks, Renee! I'm so glad someone understood what I was trying to say. I've said many times on this blog that I have a separate budget for my children. I always make sure their needs are met before I purchase things for myself. You would think people would assume this rather than assume I'm a horrible mother who buys dresses rather than feed and cloth her children. I mean really, I guess in their mind my kids are wearing rags and saying "Mommy, I'm so hungry," and I'm just yelling, "Shut up, mommy needs new dresses." It's comical if you really think about it.

  17. Bonnie, Jerry isn't a good person and neither are you. You both destroyed 2 innocent families. A shirt from the Gap won't fix that. Ever.

  18. You look awesome. Loved your outfit and that place!

  19. I stopped by the gas station yesterday afternoon. When I got back to the car, my son had my phone and had a funny look on his face. He asked me how to delete messages. I said, "Why?" and grabbed the phone from him. He said, "Someone sent you a really mean message."

    Your comment had come through on my phone while my son was playing with it. He read it and wanted to deleted it before I had a chance to read it myself. I hate that he read the mean words you had to same about me and Jerry, but I was touched that he didn't want me to have to read them either. He said, "I don't understand why this person is calling you bad. They are the one's that are bad for telling you mean things."

    From the mouth of babes...

  20. I really love you in this dress. You need to wear it more often.

  21. Yes I can see why no one would be wondering about this issue if Bonnie had explained from the beginning what had really happened but is it a responsibility for her to give every detail of her life? I don't think so. I also don't think she was getting defensive without a reason. Wouldn't you defend yourself if you being told you don't care rats about your children? ugh

  22. Are you a good person? A good person wouldn't say this kind of stuff. Do you know what destroying a family really is? There are many ways to accomplish this but the one I've experienced first hand is through my parents marriage. Oh boy boy how they were unhappy together. They are now roommates, living under the same roof but different rooms, never got divorced. They are elderly now, they need one another, they laugh together and still have arguments of course.
    But growing up was a living hell. When I was little I didn't want my parents to get divorced, and also I admit pressuring them not to do so but now that I'm a grown up woman I feel so sorry for them. I wish I knew it better and had never pressured them. I can't imagine spending decades together and never really feeling happy. I honestly don't think about myself too much now, I still wish I have had that "perfect family" but I think about them. I'm now married and have the chance of being happy in my married life but they didn't get to experience this.

    So if you aren't happy change it. We all have the right of being happy. I personally don't think it's worth to be miserable in a relationship just because of kids. They sense things, they aren't stupid.
    To me Bonnie and Jerry would have been bad people if they were still with their spouses and having an affair. A lot of people don't have the guts to leave, or maybe they just want to have multiple lovers, I don't know what the deal is but I admire the fact that they both stepped out and and are now together, to be finally happy.
    We all deserve to be happy even those who post mean comments like you :)
    I wonder what kind of life experience you have had.


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