Lace and Light

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Shrug and Jewelry: The Limited
Shoes: Anthropologie Tritone Trumpet Heels

"Put your pretty dress on 
It's time for you to go to the dance
Tie your hair in ribbons and lace 
And wear pearls around your neck

Walk with the light in the woods
If it gets dark don't get scared
There's so much waiting for you
Cover up your ears and don't show them
'Cause you're much better than them

'Cause they don't see you like I see you."
- Rosie Thomas

Thank you to those who accept me just as I am. You are the light in an otherwise dark world.

Rosie Thomas - Pretty Dress



  1. Looks great on you! I was obsessed with the green version this summer, but I bought it, and the color did nothing for me... I like the black much better. I'm also super impressed that you managed to get in the tree in those heels - did you climb or get a boost? :)

  2. I hope you bought this dress in the past 14 days because it's now on sale!

  3. So pretty, Bonnie! I am glad you got some pictures in your gorgeous party dress! I hope you get another chance to wear it. Maybe New Year's?

  4. What a gorgeous dress! I never liked it that much on Anthro's website, but it looks amazing on you.

  5. Thanks Rebecca! I wasn't that into it either until I tried it on. The bonus is it's comfortable too!

  6. Thanks Catherine! Me too! I've got another dress planned for New Years, though. :-)

  7. Damn! You would think I could write two sentences without a grammer error. LMAO! Thanks for the correction! I wrote this post at 1am. Is that a good enough excuse? Yeah, I didn't think so.

  8. Thanks! I didn't realize there was a green version this summer. I think I remember the dress you are talking about now. As far as getting in the tree is concerned, it was not the most graceful maneuver but I managed to get up there. I had planned on getting my picture taken by this old shed in our neighboorhood, but when Jerry and I got out there we spotted this gorgeous tree. As we were taking pictures, I told Jerry that I would really love to get up in that tree. He put the camera down and lifted me up there

  9. You look so pretty in that dress!

  10. You look stunning in that dress! I especially love the first picture, but they all turned out great.

  11. I love to hate you for always being so adorable! :)

  12. Thanks! I was very happy with these. It was worth freezing my butt off in that tree.

  13. You chose the perfect dress! And don't you love how Anthro now takes Paypal? Now you can sell stuff on eBay and buy new stuff with the paypal funds! Love it!

  14. You look gorgeous - perfect dress - perfect setting - perfect photog. xoxo


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