Hope is a Thing with Feathers

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Dress: Anthropologie Shapeshifter Maxi

Shoes: Kensie Girl

Jewelry: The Limited

Feather: Local Salon

"You're breaking your ground." - Bon Iver

My boyfriend and I took a little trip to Richmond, VA to see Bon Iver at The National on Saturday. We were front and center for one of the best shows I've ever seen -horns, violins, guitars, 2 drummers, a little bit of beat-boxing, and of course Justin Vernon's amazing vocals. On the drive up there, my boyfriend and I talked about many things, things we've never been able to talk about with anyone else. I can't describe how good it feels to have this kind of connection with a person. As I sat in the passenger seat watching the scenery pass by, I realized how happy I am with the decisions I've made lately. There's been alot of bad as a result of those decisions, but the good is so good it makes it all worth it. I'm breaking new ground in my life.

Speaking of new, I got talked into trying out the latest and greatest hair fad. I went to my salon to have my bangs trimmed and my stylist talked me into getting one of those hair feathers all the cool kids have been sporting lately. My first thought was "I'm too old for that", but I ultimately decided what the hell and joined the feather-wearing club. I went for a bold, turquoise feather to complement my outfit. I felt like a sell-out all day with my trendy feather. I'm not usually one for fads. I like to be different. Oh well, I worked that trendy feather for all it was worth. Here's to trying new things, trendy or not.

Bon Iver - Perth

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  1. Sorry, Bonnie! We're all still out here! I meant to comment but didn't get time yesterday. I LOVE that maxi dress you have on! The last photo is fabulous (and very much not posey!). When you aren't trying so hard with the posey stuff, the pictures are amazing.

    Where is that little cardi you have on from? Looks very versatile!

    I'm not much of a fan of the feather thing. I did think at first that you had dyed your hair blue in that one section! :)


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