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Dress: Anthropologie Ajisai Dress

Necklace: Anthropologie

"Oh and I'm feeling directionless yes but that's to be expected and I know that best." - Tegan and Sara

So yesterday's post wasn't so popular. I got zero, zip, zilcho comments. Well, I did get one but it said something about how my feather sucked and my hair is always matted to my face, so that one doesn't count. My poor boyfriend felt so sorry for me, he tried to forge a nice comment from an anonymous reader, but he didn't realize I was logged into his computer, so the comment was from myself. LOL! I couldn't even get a fake comment. Truth is, I knew the post sucked, but I spent 2 hours trying to figure out what to write, so I finally gave up and just went with what I had. I guess blogs are alot like life, some days it's hard to find our direction.

As I've discovered, it can be hard to find your direction when it comes to necklaces too. I have owned this necklace for 4 years and have never worn it. It's not because I don't like it. I just haven't been able to find anything to wear it with. I caved and bought this dress last week, but I knew the neckline was going to be a problem for me. A simple black cami kept the girls in check, but this dress really needed a necklace. For some reason, the poor necklace that's never been worn popped into my head. It's been hanging on a hook in the back of my closet for years. I haven't even moved it to my apartment yet. It's day had finally come. Hopefully my day will come too, and I will get my blogging groove back. Until then, I expect plenty of comments. ;-)

Tegan and Sara - Soil, Soil

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  1. Hey Bonnie. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I love the Ajisai Dress. Doesn't it fit like a dream? I'm holding out until sale time but am so glad you picked it up. I love the necklace you have paired with it as well. So glad you finally found the perfect outfit to wear it with! ;)

  2. Hi Bonnie! I totally commented yesterday and it was complimentary... hmmm. I wonder if there is something going on with blogger. Anyway - I LOVED your outfit yesterday! And the feather is so cute! As I said yesterday I would rock it if my hair was long enough. I am glad you caved on the dress... it is SO STINKING CUTE!! And that necklace is fantastic! It was just WAITING for the dress - I think! Cheers!xoxo

  3. I used to read a lot of fashion blogs but got bored with the endless "look at my pretty outfit" postings that EVERYONE does. Yours is one of two that I still read because it's much more than that. Don't get me wrong, I still like the outfits. =) And the photography is top-notch. But you give a lot more of yourself to your blog, which is brave and really fascinating.

  4. love your photos, your photographer has that eye for finding the perfect backdrops/patterns to mix in with your outfits. and the necklace is made for that dress!! you look/seem happier you can see it in your eyes...keep positive.

  5. I think people still enjoy your posts even when they don't comment--I know I do!

    The Anthro blog-world seems a little quiet right now anyway. Maybe it's got heatstroke?


  6. love that necklace with the dress!!

  7. I agree with Monrena...I've deleted most of my 'followed' blogs, because it gets a little silly sometimes, being so focused on outfits. But I love your blog. (and your outfits - my hypocritical self adds....)

  8. I think summer just has us all super busy! Don't fret about no comments. I still read it, just didn't get time to comment. And it didn't suck, btw. Love this dress on you, Bonnie! Great lines for your shape!

  9. Hey lady, just so ya know, I love all of your posts - I just don't always comment! :)

  10. And your outfit today is a stunner! Love it, especially that necklace. You put such care into your outfits, and it shows!

    (And I also loved that feather in your hair from the last post - I was getting my hair done yesterday, and two little girls got feathers in their hair! I so thought of you!).

  11. I didn't think much of that dress when I saw it online, but it looks fantastic on you! And that necklace is perfection with it!
    And I can't believe you didn't get any comments always have so many! I don't usually get many comments, but I'm used to it...haha! :) If I posted gorgeous photography like you maybe I would!

  12. oh gosh, i'm lucky if i ever get a comment!

    i had feathers in my hair for several months - until they all fell out. that was an odd feeling.

    i dig this dress - i have my birthday anthro pass so i may have to check this out.

  13. i love this dress! bonnie, it seems like so much has happened in your life while i was taking my blogging hiatus! i hope you are doing ok!

  14. hi bonnie! the dress is lovely, as are you in it! i have a somewhat odd question for you in regards to the dress--is there enough give in the neckline to breastfeed? i have a wedding to attend in a month and a newborn to feed, and i'm desperately searching for something to wear that will be both my own style and nursing-friendly. thanks for any info you might share!

  15. Oh wow! Thanks for all the comments!

    carrie: I've breastfed before and definitely understand your dilemma. I think it would be perfect for breastfeeding. You could just slip one shoulder on the dress down to do it. It is very low cut, though. So as long as you don't have a problem with that I think it should work out fine.

  16. Oh wow! that dress looks great on you! the coral really pops against the green. What size did you take in that dress?

  17. Dunno how I missed this post!!! Lovely dress...
    I got the Anthro catalog and was surprised to see ajisai dress and then on your blog tooo
    My short name is Aji and hubby's name is sai...
    Lol seems like we r getting famous :)
    Dress looks superb on u Bonnie


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