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Dress: Anthropologie Pom Flower Shift

Shoes: Seychelles Trip the Light Fantastic Sandals

"All my old friends they don’t know me now." - Arcade Fire

I never expected to own this dress. It wasn't even on my radar. I had tried it on a few months ago, liked it, but decided to wait for it to go on sale. Once it did go on sale, there were other pretty dresses that had taken its place on my wishlist. So, how did it come to pass that me and this dress should meet again? It was a gift from a friend. A new friend. A friend I met through this blog. We've met up a couple of times now, and I was shocked during our last meeting when she handed me this dress as a belated birthday present and a sign of support for the tough times I've been through lately. I was touched beyond words. I wish I could have conveyed to her what this gesture meant to me, but my daughter was with us and it was pretty much impossible to carry on any type of conversation with a 3 year old at the table. So, I simply gave her a hug.

I called my sister today to wish her a happy birthday. She was at my former house with my mom and my kids. My mom had made her hamburgers. It still hurts - the rejection. My mom didn't even tell me happy birthday much less make me hamburgers on my birthday. When I get depressed about my family, I think about my loving boyfriend and all the people I've met on this new journey in my life, some of whom I've only met through emails. (Canadian girls rock!) They except and support me, despite all my flaws. I only hope that I can be there for them one day like they have been there for me. I'm learning that sometimes our real family is not the people we grew up under the same roof with, but the special people we meet and connect with along the way. Those people are the greatest gifts in life.

Arcade Fire - Suburban War

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  1. Simply amazing, this is your best dress to date. Wait, second best to that red dress you have. That was beyond amazing on you, but this? Wow! And it was a gift to boot???? That's one very intuitive friend you've got there. I bet she gives really good advice too! Everybody needs at least one intuitive-excellent-taste-quietly-listening-wise advice-giving-friend. :)

  2. That is so awesome - you deserve it! So glad you have a friend close by....and the dress looks amazing on you. Gorgeous photos!

  3. How lovely! This is a stunning dress on you (accompanied by stunning pictures! Props to the photographer!). What a wonderful gift, Bonnie! So glad that you've made a new friend through the blog who's giving you some much needed support through the tough times - fantastic! Hang in there, lady! :)

  4. I think you mean accept not except.

  5. I love this dress on you! You look amazing!!!

  6. that dress looks AMAZING on you!

  7. What a very sweet gesture. The dress looks great on you.

  8. This is a beautiful dress, and I love the way you chose black outdoor furniture to sit on---it really brings out the black elements in the dress!

  9. I love this dress on you! It is different from so much in your closet and it looks really lovely. What a generous gift!

  10. Your new friend happens to be my best friend....and yes, she is pretty awesome and very thoughtful!! :)

  11. You are absolutely gorgeous in this Post Bonnie. The Pom Flower was made for you. The way you bend your ankles in the last photo, makes me suspect that you were a dancer. Very sexy!

    My Pom Flower Dress is like a vise. I am trying to find someone to trade my size 4 for their size 6.

    I recently celebrated my 1 year Blog Birthday and discovered that you were One of Three of my first comments. Thank you for giving me a great send off.

    I am just one of many in this community that support your life changing decision. I wish you all the best and want you to know that I am here to listen, although perhaps there isn't anything I can do but listen. And I hope that bit of encouragement helps in some small way.


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