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Sweater: Old Navy
Shoes: J. Crew
Necklace and Ring: The Limited
Bracelet: Anthropologie

"The bad feeling so bad makes the good so good." - Local Natives

Ok, brace yourselves. I had a good day. No anxiety, no panic, just a normal run-of-the-mill kind of day. I'll take it! It's funny how having a bunch of really bad days puts life in perspective and makes you appreciate just the normal, boring days. It's kind of like listening to the news, hearing about all the problems in the world, and feeling better about your own life in comparison. I know I've got alot of issues in my life right now, and it's so easy to get bogged down in all the negatives, but I'm trying my best to focus on all the positives. My children are healthy, I've got a job and a roof over my head (even if the roof changes every other week), my children love me despite all my flaws, and I've got awesome friends and blog readers whose support and kindness mean the world to me. I'm starting to realize that happiness in life is all about perspective. I consider myself very lucky. Things could be alot worse.

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  1. Your pictures are always amazing. This is a great outfit and it's styled perfectly.

  2. I love the dress! Is it from this season? I am a sucker for white, too! Cute outfit. Your pics are amazing! Do you use a tripod or do you have a photographer? Yay for boring old normal days!! xoxo

  3. I love the simplicity of this outfit, Bonnie. The neutral palette of the dress/cardi serves as the perfect backdrop to that lovely necklace. And the silhouette of the dress is lovely on you. It seems a little bit of a departure from your usual style, but it suits you well!

  4. Up and down goes the up and down emotional rollercoaster. Tomorrow it will be down again.

  5. Glad you had a 'boring' day! The outfit with the accessories is anything but boring...looking great!

  6. I think you need more perspective. It is the most powerful tool there is.

    Movie therapy time! These are a few of my "makes you feel better - all time favorites"

    Under the Tuscan Sun - A woman gets divorced from a man who tells her he "never loved her". She goes on a tour of Italy and buys a run down house and learns to live again.

    Where the Heart Is - 15 year old pregnant girl gets abandoned in the parking lot of a Walmart with nothing and ends up living in the Walmart until she gives birth there (lol). Then some kind people help her out and she discovers that there is some good in this world.

    For humor? Go see Bridesmaids - I laughed until I cried. Plus it has a pretty good message about self preservation.

  7. Some anonymous posters are just mean. Why take the time to post a nasty comment? Don't you have something better to do???

  8. OMG - I couldn't agree more with Kate's movie suggestions - see them all, immediately. The Tuscan Sun? See over and over. Awesome photos....

  9. Are you going to come out and tell us who the other 'person' is? I know you will when youre ready, but Im excited to hear!


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