Look Away

"Look away from my window, look away from my door. I fear, my dear, it's all too clear and the paper heart's been torn." - Lissie

I've been very open about what's going on in my life. Some may say too open. "Airing my dirty laundry", if you will. The truth is I don't know any other way to be. The point of this blog is to share some of my life with the outside world as well as my clothing choices. Typing on this blog is very therapeutic for me and if I'm not honest about what's going on in my life then I don't see the point. I've done my best to walk a fine line between telling you what's going on without revealing specific details. There are some things that I don't think are anyone's business. I suppose I could just stick to talking about clothes, but I did that over the past few months and it became very robotic and not organic. I want to share my true feelings with you. If that means I will receive criticism and nasty comments then so be it. If just a little bit of what I'm sharing can help someone else in a similar situation then it's worth it to me. To the haters out there, here's a suggestion: If you think I'm a bitch and this blog is no longer "classy" enough for you then don't read it. No one's forcing you to look. I keep it real on this blog, and if that's not your thing then look away.

Lissie - Look Away

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Dress: Anthropologie Beda Dress

Sweater and Ring: The Limited

Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt

Boots: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots



  1. Love the white beda paired with the robins egg blue cardi! So pretty, Bonnie!

  2. amen sister. amen! Good post, great outfit. keeping it real is always the better option! :) good luck with everything that's going on. I know you can handle it.

  3. It is YOUR blog and it is up to YOU what you write, so go girl! Like you said if people don't like it then just don't read it, no nasty comments necessary. And I love the outfit:)

  4. Hi, Bonnie:

    Be strong. I think you are a brave woman. There are so many women out there who live under the pressure of society and people around us and put their own happyness behind. Nothing is wrong to follow your heart. For those who like your blog, we should just wish you the best. Afterall, fashion is the common interest that brings us together. Your outfit today is very refreshing!!

  5. Your kids may not understand what's going on, but someday they will. They will be glad you followed your heart. Who wants to spend their lifetime in a constant state of sorrow. Not every marriage was meant to last. All you can do is look at the good things that came out of it (your children), and move on. You will be just fine. Stay strong and true to who you are. The only person who knows what's best for you is YOU! Take care, and all the best hun.

  6. I love this outfit! The colors are fantistic. I love the blue and yellow against the white background.

    I totally agree with you - this is your blog, your space. You get to talk about whatever you wish. If others don't like it, they don't have to continue reading it.

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    I just happened across your blog for the first time in a search for thoughts about the Violet Gloaming dress. I love your blog! I'm a big Anthro girl myself and have so many of the same outfits you have-it's uncanny. I'm a mom of two-one only 2 months old, mid 30's trying to look as pretty as I can while I lose this baby weight. Huge virtual hugs coming at you from a stranger in So Cal...

  8. Oh! I love the blue and yellow combination! It's so cheery!!

  9. haters are always going to hate. we have to do what makes us happy. life is too short to be miserable.

  10. Nicely said, Bonnie. I wish you all the best. Also, I have the white Beda, and that's a great way to style it! The jewelry is gorgeous too.

  11. *Applause* To you for standing up for your yourself and decicions!!! Oh I love your style^^ Awesome taste in clothes!! All your outfits are just tooo nice!

  12. I love your blog because it is very real, Bonnie, and you have GUTS to be so open and to share bits of your life on the internet as you have ... your changing life and your gorgeous outfits are both equally inspirational to me, and I'm glad that you're staying strong, lady. Just as everyone says, this blog is *your* baby and nobody else's! If it's great therapy, then who cares what anyone else thinks! :)

  13. Dear Bonnie,

    I am your regular reader, and had supported you through the previous uproar over the dress remark.

    I am sorry to hear about your marriage breakdown. And really, some of the remarks calling you names are uncalled for.

    However, there are some not so supportive remarks which may be bored out of good intention.

    It is always nicer to hear your readers telling you that yeah, go for your happiness, ignore other comments and they support you in whatever you do. But let me ask them, if the situation is reversed, and your husband is the one who found new love in his life, and he decides to leave you to persue his happiness. Will these readers still encourage him to go ahead follow his heart, and leave you?

    Society does not really forgive a cheating spouse, so the backlashes you are getting could be due to the fact that you are leaving your marriage vows due to a new man. True, no one should be tied down to an unhappy marriage, but when kids are invloved ( especially with yours being so young) and with a 3 rd party, things get complicated.

    Of course we do not have the full picture here, and we are not entitled to. But the scenerio here is really not to your advantage. If i may summarize for you, the case now is : you cheated on your husband, leave the family, talk about it on your blog with no regrets, and still continue posting happy fashionable dressing showing little details of your OOTD. I know this is not true, and you have tons of hurt, sadness, and tears. But will the judge believe you when there is a need to go through ugly custody procedure etc?

    For the true maybe your husband is an asshole insensitive unkind jerk, and that's why you need to leave him, and this new man is the one that give you courage to do so. In that case, i will say by all means go ahead and leave him. But if the situation is more on you are unsatisfied with dull marriage and decided not to hold on to your vows, people will point the finger at you. I think one of your readers did comment on something similiar in a previous post, and she made sense.

    I want to say that i am not judging you. I just want to point out the situation as it seems to the public now, so that you can get a better picture and see things clearly. I hope this will help you safeguard your position.

    Take good care of your health and your mind now. And be patient, give yourself and your family lots of time.

  14. Hey Bonnie - reminds me of the Melissa Etheridge song, Don't Look At Me:

    "You can try, I don't care, forcing circles into squares.
    You can spend, precious time, marching in your perfect line.
    But I don't hear that drum, I'm looking for something else.
    And if you don't like, what you see, you don't have to look at me,
    If you don't like, what I say, you can turn the other way.
    If you don't like, what you see, then don't look at me."

    ALWAYS loved that song - tried to live my life by it. It's working out nicely for me so far! :o)

    Have a good weekend.

  15. Great look! May I ask what color you're wearing on your nails in these pics?

  16. Thanks for the supportive comments! They mean so much!

    Dawn: It's Sally Hansen. The color is Pink Slip.


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